Nak vs. Chun

Revised Nakoruru vs. Chun-Li

Revising helps- I tried to copy the in-game art pose-

Poor Chun-Li. The most painful looking “throw” in CVS2.

Gives a hint of disney. I like the expressions… I think Chun li’s right eye looks a bit out of place… maybe a bit lower and a little closer to the other eye? And Chun li’s left tit looks too low. She’s got two cool shoes, and I think her hair buns are misplaced… One’s too far behind her head, the other one is not. I’m welcome to be wronged.

Oh, maybe you should put all your pics in one post.

Thanks- I’ll make corrections, then put everything in one post and delete the old ones-

Don’t let me push you around, do whatever the hell you want.

That’s cool-

As a professional animator, I’ve grown quite a bit from taking advice. For example, flipping a drawing over on a light table (if you have one) is a habit I’ve formed to check the art-

hey jettmanas :slight_smile:

there’s something inherently amusing about a Disney-esque drawn characters about to stab another.

I think that Chun’s pose could use some work… she doesn’t look like she’s KO’d & sprawled on the ground, more like she’s standing horizontally. An unconscious person would have

  • head titled back / rolled to one side
  • shoulders should be relaxed, meaning they should rest fully against the ground (give a sense of weight to the character, too)
  • limbs should sprawl outwards to some extent, she looks too neatly placed & symmetrical in the drawing (and feet should not be pointing straight upwards).

other than that, Nak’s knife doesn’t look quite right. Think japanese dagger (blade has parallel edges, curving at the tip), not a Shakespearean one (blade narrows as it goes towards the tip).

It’s a difficult pose to capture, and a cool pic overall.

You’ve gotten some good comments so far. I agree that ol’ chunli looks very stiff and lack of volume and weight to be laying on the ground. There’s soime nice dynamic happening in the stab pose, and I hope you consider what should be fixed.

I draw female characters so rarely- have to draw them from time to time- I revised it (see first post)-

Line quality got trashed for some reason-

It’s a cool idea, but if you’re going to do a move from the game, try and pick a more interesting veiw. The 2d-side veiw is great for playing games, but not terribly interesting othewise. I think most of the points i’d mention are already covered, however, could you post a little smaller in the future? I’m running at 1600x1200 and it’s still too big. If you want some good feedback on compostion, we’d really need to see the piece as a whole.

practice on one of my pics in my thread

Colored version-

Good point on altering the pose from the game- strictly side view. I’m going to do that for the Skullomania drawing.

If people dig the Skullomania pic, maybe I’ll stick around SRK…