Naked woman caught on Google Maps Street View(blurred pics)

Fn hilarious. I know that neighborhood haha.

omg hahahahahah why cant there be more threads like this, seriously lol

I’m astonished as to how people find these things. Someone also found Waldo and the Batman logo on Google Map.

Can google maps find her g spot?

I fapped.

The real is question is, does anyone know kids love the cinnamon sugar goodness of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Guess she spent all of her clothing money on spare bike tires?

:rofl: No :mad:


I guess images are not reviewed, and are almost automatically logged as they are being photographed?

/\ Pretty much. Another article said that she came outside like that because it gets hot in miami lolol,+Miami,+Miami-Dade,+Florida+33147&hl=en&ll=25.834733,-80.226107&spn=0.002123,0.000937&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=23.875,57.630033&client=firefox-a&geocode=Fdg0igEdTdg3-w&t=h&z=20&vpsrc=6&layer=c&cbll=25.83473,-80.226217&panoid=F-1jmV28AXSMUY0Q0fjntw&cbp=12,205.26,,0,19.79

looks like they already took it down haha

That’s a lot of open lawn, considering the size of the house. Is it like that in Miami in general?


I am more impressed by the link to Scarlett’s nudes.

So is this the new age version of “yo, man, you can see through the teacher’s shirt! I saw her NIPPLES!” or “Mark has a porno mag cached in the gym bathroom!” :rofl:

Is that Chris Bosh?

all hoods look like that
so people coulda have added and what not to their houses… but yeah, they got turned into hoods…
shyts the Friday of miami?

Her titties are like triangles, PASS, but funny!

Look at those windows, its like covered with metal sheets…I have never seen that before, only in zombie movies…

how the hell can you just step out your house completely ne’ked like that, her kids must be proud.

I would have thought this was pretty dope…when I was 14. As it is now I feel that this wasnt worth its own thread. imo