Nakoruru Combos and Glitches

List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

In order to get an accurate number, make sure to set your character’s super meter to either “Normal” or “Max Start” because “Infinity” and “Recover” will give the combo an illegal damage boost. Also, make sure to perform the combo against P-Groove or A-Groove because some of the other grooves have meter-based defense bonuses. Finally, make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has, not including Roll Cancel. RC discussion belongs in a strategy thread.

Ok here’s some BnB combo’s. Some combo’s will have 3 different damages, which will represent each punch or kick. If there is two sets of damages there will be a note why.

here’s a key just in case:

lp mp hp
lk mk hk

[Note: these combos were done in r2]
C.lp, C.lp, xx Lela Mutsube (qcf+p) | 1800,1900,2000
S.lp, S.lp, xx Annu Mutsube (b,db,d+p) | 2000,2100,2200 xx Kamui Resse (wet cloth) x2 | 2200,2300 [note: lp second cloth attack doesnt hit] xx Annu Mutsube | 1900,2000,2100, C.lp, C.lp xx Lela Mutsube | 2000,2100,2200 xx Shichikapu Kamui Irushika (Bird Super hcb x2 + p) 6100
C.hp xx Elelyu Kamui Risse (hcb x2 + k super) 6600

Here’s combo that I use often

C.LK C.LK S.LK (B,DB,D HP), not as punishable, and if blocked you can use S.MP then connect with flaming bird or hop on the bird.


After a LK cross over, is it easier to connect with lp than with lk? Anyone feel that too?

Yeah, I usually cross up, C.Lp, C.Lk, C.Mp, QCF+Fp.
Somtimes I go for C.Mpx2 into QCF+Fp.
Or cross up, Standing or C.Lk, C.Fp, QCF+Fp.

I use her in A, I usually go for these CC’s…

C.Fp, [d/f+Fp]x16, C.Lpx2, C.Fk, close S.Fp (2hits), HCBx2+P.
Hits = 22 Damage = 7120

On Guile and Chun-Li only…

[b,d/b,d+Fp]x7, C.FPx2, whiff.Lp, SJ.Straight Up Lpx5,HCBx2+P.
Hits = 17 Damage = 7048

She has a Anti-Blanka Ball CC, but I’ll post that later.
The first A-groove combo was done on Ryu in A-groove.

Fight On:nunchuck:

Sweep xx Bird Super

:r: :df: +:hk: :qcb:, :hcb: +:p:

Can be hard to learn at first, if you time it wrong you’ll end up with her kickthrow or a regular standing or d.:hk:. You could also put the sweep in the hcb motion when the stick is down, or if you’re really fast just sweep and do two hcb’s without buffering, but the 1st motion I listed is the one I’ve had most success with.

I find it easiest to do this while running and punishing safe falls. If you trap someone in the corner and are doing good mixing them up Rugal style (so-to-speak) Her fast jump makes a j.:hk: confirmation of this whole thing possible (and MUCH easier).

Much harder to learn at first, but probably the most practical for Nako, fishing for counter hit s. :lp: 's then going for the sweep xx super. Bonus with this being it can be done almost anywhere on screen. Just remember the bird.

My opinion, you learn this, you can learn RC as well. Timing’s very similar. Only difference is you’re just using two fingers instead of three or more.
Oh, for me I use middle finger for sweep and fore for strong or jab. Strong feels best, but for counter-hit s.LP’s, jab.

Show your opponent you can do all this and they’ll develop a healthier respect for your Nako.

d.LK xx2, d.MP xx qcd+MP/LP

To get the most out of Nako’s mixups, vary the LP/MP slides.

Um… As this isn’t exactly the easiest BnB to learn for some…

:d: :lk: x2, link :d: :mp: :db: :l: :db: :d: (release :mp: or hold it and hit:lp:)

Follow up with her

j.:lk: , s.:lp: x2 xx :l: :db: :d::lp: (easier to neg. edge. LP, but you can MP too)

You can do that again easily if you wish till they wise up.
Don’t bother doing this against people with RC’s like Eagle’s or Zangief’s Lariats,
Bullshit like that hurts Nako bad. Resort to bird hops to pressure them/knockdown or random slides if you see a stupidly whiffed RC Lariat, or Ken’s funky kick for meter, etc.

Get them to expect another crossup, you could MP slide and land the j.LK from the front. Or begin her low jump games if you’re in a low jump groove.

low jump :hk: , s.:lp: xx :l: :db: :d: :lp:
If they block the roundhouse you could use the jab for a tickthrow.
low jump punchthrow

Following any knockdown you could do a meaty df.:hp: , s.:lp: xx Slide, or once again use the jab for a tickthrow.

d.:mp: Can be linked easily after jabs, so if blocked you link the strong and cancel to bird hops and follow up with :qcf: :p: , or :hp: , or just drop and block/low short.

Will edit these posts later on and put appropriate info in appropriate threads, just wanted to jot this down. And clean up by deleting/editing useless posts and other such stuff. BTW Most of this info is gleaned from other threads

something I like to a quick punishment :


and I cant hit 3x ,, falcon special… … is there a tipo or something? or just “go for it and get the timing” like The sakura 1 frame linker?.. … but that one wasnt thaaat hard…

What does XX mean?

xx = cancel into

It seems like one frame. But you could also replace the first 2 C.LKs with 2 S.LPs.

[quote=“Hellion, post:5, topic:6606”]

:r: :df: +:hk: :qcb:, :hcb: +:p:

Can work with any groove correct?
does it also work while using level 1?

All of the above



On her b&b and Super Inputs

Think Kyo’s Orochinage: :qcb:, :hcf: + :p:
Or comboing Hibiki’s Deadly Rave off her shorts
:d::lk: x 2, :r::df::lk:(hold):qcb::r:(negative edge release):lk:

For Nako I know I put for her b&b to slide I put
:d::lk:x2, link :d::mp::db::l::db::d:(release :mp: or hold and hit :lp:)

An important thing about CvS2 is how lenient it is on its inputs with regards to buffering and how movement inputs can overlap so long as the relevant ones as pertaining to the character are hit.
Just as important is the “time” involved in moving the stick to the required position depending on the timing of the links involved, if any.

Nako’s Data
.close s.lp = 2/4/5 (+8)
… = 3/4/6 (+7)
…d.lp = 3/5/7 (+6)
…far s.lp= 2/4/8 (+5)
… 4/4/19 (+6)
…d.HK= 6/8/24 (down, -6)

For her b&b
it’s important to know what you have there is a 3 frame link coming from her’s at +7 to the startup it takes for her to come out in 4 frames.
To get the b&b consistently you have to make it flow smoothly in the same manner you have Hibiki’s x 3 xx Deadly Rave.

Since there IS a level of precision involved and you don’t want to miss any inputs I tend to sorta “overlap” them so as to not miss anything while I buffer everything in ('cause I suck)

For her I actually (try in my head) do this:
:df::lk: x2, :d::db::mp::l::db::d: (release :mp: or hold and hit :lp:)

Oftentimes I get it so I hit the strong on down before I get to down back, but that’s gray area there is what I’m really aiming for. (Pray you have good controls too)

So long as the sticks’s down, or down back when you hit MP that’s what you really want. I suppose you could try to do it at down forward but you only have 3 frames (3/60ths of a second) to work with so you want all those frames to count, not to mention that you still have a whole half-circle in front of you following the :l:.

In a way, Chun’s got it easier over Nako because her 2 jabs to strong link doesn’t have any buffering involved until the strong hits itself, the whole pattern serving just for hit confirmation. Nako’s constantly doing stuff during her b&b.

It gets deeper in that you’re applying all these moves in her mixups and it gets more confusing/stressful on you because of the noise in the arcade, the hit confirmation aspect, and the execution required on top of all that.

For something along the lines of,, c.FK, super
You’d be dealing with a 1 frame link.
:badboy:And those are the devil.:devil:

However were I to try to go for that I’d do this:
:df::lk:,:df::lk::r:, :df::hk::qcb:,:hcb:+:p:

Go forward during the second animation of the short to start the HCB motion, and at down forward or down (another one of those gray areas to shoot for) hit d.HK and complete the rest of that hcb, then tack on another hcb (do this automatically so as you’re used to doing it whether it hits or not) and hit punch as soon as the sweep registers in your brain.

That’s a hard one and I haven’t the power to do it.
I generally stick to what I’ve posted above regarding Sweep xx super in my other post.

Hit confirmation walking s.lp’s to the bird super is actually easier, or would be if the FAR STANDING lp was a +8, unfortunatly it’s just +5. Fortunately her walking speed is fast enough, her close s.lp godly enough that her basic walking counterhit / throw mixups are pretty good.

The counterhit far s.lp though makes it possible to combo the sweep to bird super in much the same manner as what I’ve just posted above for x 2, sweep super, except you’re already holding forward for the walking jabs, which also negate the chance that you’d accidentally throw because of that 6 frame unthrowable window the opponent gets from hits, blocks or waking up.

Anyway the pattern would look something like this:

:r::lp:,:r::lp:, :r:counter-hit :lp:,:df::hk::qcb:,:hcb:+:p:

EDIT: In a way, playing a character like this requires total commitment to everything you do.
As stated in lots of my posts and often by others here, she’s PURE OFFENSE.
If you’re hitting down back for your shorts, trying to keep it safe so-to-speak, you’re only adding to the level of execution required for this character to be effective due to the fact that virtually ALL of her complex shit is much like the entirety of this single post, and on top of all this you still have to add in her mixups.
Perhaps more than any character Nakoruru requires implementation of a strong finely crafted gameplan to be effective in a match so when you’re going for those’s, you do them in strict confidence that they’re hitting someone who’s open or someone who’s blocking.
EDIT: It’s also important to note that even blocked at lvl 1 the Shichikapu Kamui Irushika (hcbx+ P) super gives you +18, the other 2 give you +24. With all the +10 madness from the likes of Cammy and Blanka, who wouldn’t want that?
For instance her punch throw does 1312 dmg (as an R1)
Her kick throw deals 1394 (as an R1)
Her lvl 1 punch super deals 1968 (as an R1)

Say you want to deal about 1500 damage to your opponent and they’re close to death that’s an advantageous position you simply can’t beat.