Nako's Wiki

Just began seriously working on it.
All normal frame data completed.
Looks funny on those moves that hit twice like close Fierce and Roundhouse.
I just typed in the frame data for those two moves as they appear in the books.
Damage for those two are added up "+"
Other moves have damage listings because of how and when they hit.
Since there’s two, between them there’s ","
Moves looking like this (for example)
4/2/9/4/22 +2.+2. 1000+600

4 is the startup of first hit
2 the hitting frames of 1st hit
9 startup frames second hit
4 hit frames of second hit
22 frames recover

+2 adv hit/blocked

1000+600… 1600 total with the first hit generally. If it said 1000, 600 then
basically you get one or the other depending on how deep you hit or
early, things like that.

Commented a bit on Anna Mutsube, also a bit on Lela Mutsube (don’t use it!)
Gonna have fun with this one, this character I know well enough since I generally don’t use the top three, and who better to comment on than the "washed up"
ex-top tier?

Doing this one “Rugal” style, which is supposedly done “Geese” style;
Halcyonryu and BoswerLK’s wiki’s lookin good.

Figure I’d make a “back door” here so everyone can see how it’s progressing if anyone cares enough for a look.

Added some info on just about all of her specials. About to jot some info regarding her “Blade of the Gods”

I don’t have any data on lvl 2/lvl 3 Shichikapu Kamui Irushika (bird super)
or her other two supers (lost those, and frankly they’re worthless IMO. Still, for completeness’ sake)

Added some systems data from Buktooth’s guide, with honorable mention added in the wiki for copyright’s sake.

Jotted down some info regarding some b&b’s.

Added some info on her only supercombo…
She has more but comboes off close s.HP/HK aren’t really practical IMO, you don’t have much time to do your hcb’s in the first place, and you’re standing pressing HP or HK either towards or away from the opponent.

Going to note damage and stun dealt by all these too.

Added some CC info, gotta test them for myself again because video opera’s down.
Gotta clean up the CC section too it’s starting to look sloppy and half-assed, like it was written by a 6th grader who was preoccupied with learning the finer details of the female anatomy.
My apologies.

Clean up CC section a bit. Need to work on damage and stun I next I suppose.