Namco announcing new fighting game at E3

In an email sent to the press, Namco Bandai has announced that they will be announcing several new games at E3 this year. These games include two new unannounced PAC-MAN titles, an unannounced racing game, and an unannounced fighting game. With the release of the PS4 coming soon, it’s very likely that the company will show off a new Ridge Racer to go along with it. In addition, the unannounced fighting game will be presented by producer Katsuhiro Harada, director of the Tekken series.

What could it be? TXSF?

I think it’s Tekken x Street Fighter.

Although anything else would be a huge surprise

Hopefully TxSF, but we haven’t heard anything about that game in ages. I’m almost convinced it’s vaporware, but we’ll see I guess

Tekken 7.

I hope TxSF was put under the rug and forgotten about.

Don’t see any reason it wouldn’t be TXSF.

TxSF is probably more likely than a Tekken 7. Tekken Tag 2 hasn’t been out long enough yet

Nor has SCV
I agree with this…

The reason it MIGHT not be, and by “MIGHT” I mean 1% or less - Harada mentioned that he hopes the world has forgotten about it, and he’s also mentioned that he has little motivation to finish it in quite a few interviews.

There was this:
But that’s likely a bullshit article.

There was also something talking about a “platform change” with TSF, so I’m assuming the game is still happening, but that could change what we’re expecting for it. By platform, I wonder if they mean console - perhaps PS4/XB1/WiiU? Perhaps there will be an arcade version?

Who knows… This weekend, the mystery will be over.

I hope it isn’t TxSF. Current sales for those 2 franchises (when it comes to AAA releases) would suggest a reasonable break for the general public. Now a new Weapon Lord would be awesome! DO IT Namco!!!

Then again they say Namco’s announcing a NEW fighting game, since TvsSF has technically already been announced, may be a completely new IP

How many people fall for that article? Seriously?
But it shows how bad gaming “journalism” is when people think that site is the real deal when it comes to gaming news.

I’m calling Smash, since Namco is developing that alongside Nintendo.

The Outfoxies 2

I did say “likely a bullshit story”, right? Or were you just looking over that part, fiending on the chance to make yourself look right again?

That site is the onion equivalent for gaming news.

No, I seen that part the problem is your using it to try to say Harada doesn’t want to work on it. Why did you post up a bullshit story to try and defend that point of view if you knew it was bullshit?

Tekken x SF. It won’t be Smash because we already knew it was coming and Nintendo announced it for their Direct.

I hope Txsf is NOT A TEKKEN CLONE. we have tekken tag 2 and that game is deep and very fun, maybe a tekken tag 2 dark resurrection would be nice though.

I hope they use this TxS ticket to revolutionize fighting games

Can we hope for a new IP?

Fighting Layer 2

Don’t play with my emotions