Namco Arcade Stick on Windows 7


i’m planning on buying my friend’s namco arcade stick, will it work on windows 7 using a ps/ps2 usb adapter?
Thanks a lot :smiley:


PS2 controller with a PS/PS2 to USB adapter, I do not see why not.
Windows 7 should detect this off the bat

sometimes depending on the brand and model adapter windows will see a single USB adapter as 2 Controllers, this is because there are dual controller adapters out there (adapters that accepts 2 PS2 controllers and connects them to 1 USB port). Is you get this ignore the 2nd controller, its the manufacture using up their stock of dual controller chips instead of using there single controller chips.


tnx for the help :smiley:
i also wanted to buy it because i think those kind of arcade sticks are hard to find nowadays, and its pretty classic :smiley: