Namco arcade stick ps1


I am considering buying a namco stick. The one I want to purchase works well but has the paint has some scratches and the bottom has some rust. Whats the best course of action in cleaning up the stick.


It hard to say without seeing the stick.



Top panel, top side, leave alone. Just wipe it down of dirt with something mild and make sure it dry afterwards.
You can touch up the screws, but I would mess with the top panel top side.

Botton panel and areas you don’t see.
Sand the rust off, Don’t get that 80 or 100 gritt trash as it will leave deep scratches. Go to a auto part store and get a bunch of different grits going from 800 to 2000 and maybe a green scotch pad.
Once you sand and buff that panel smooth hit up with some clear coat.


I wouldn’t touch the top panel, but take steel wool to the bottom until the surface rust comes off and then clear coat it. Mask off the label and footies, of course.


Awesome, just purchased it. I hear great things about these fight sticks. Hopefully the joystick and button still work well.


Do I remove the bottom panel in order to clean it?


Yes, remove the bottom panel. You might also have to clean the underside of the top panel, depending on it’s condition.
Using ether steel wool or very fine gritt sandpaper (the kind use for automobile painting) to remove any and all rust.
Then you can clear coat the panel.

If you don’t want the gloss finish of clear coat and you want a dull finish you can use cold galvanizing compound which is like paint that is mostly Zinc metal.
There is also a matte finish clear coat.

You will have to clean off every speck of rust or areas you ignore will ether chip, flake or crack easily and the rust will start to spread again.


1 Negative thing about the namco sticks what used to happen back in the TekkenTag1 days where im from is people’s buttons after alot of use , wouldnt work 100% . It used to be Triangle for most of the Tekken players as that was the button for Ewgf’s . people used to solder some solder wire on the Triangle connection on the pcb and the button would work for a while but then the same problem would happen again .


where did the stick come from, there was someone on cl, selling one with the box for 20. long story short the dude is a nut and got upset cause I wouldn’t meet at his house, started bugging with me text and emails about the fbi contactING him cause his servers got hacked. dude idgaf, I already have a namco and 2nd I was just going to resell it


I just swapped out the stock pcb with a psx pcb


me 2 . and sanwa buttons