Namco Arcade Stick with LS-33

Has anyone done this mod before?

In fact, has anyone put a seimitsu stick into one of these Namco sticks (grey + yellow buttons) before? If so, is it difficult to do?

The only guide I could find was for a Sanwa JLF (

I am not sure if there is enough space in a Namco case for a LS-33.

A LS-32 should fit there though. The LS32 is basically the same as the LS-33, but you’ll have to attach the wires directly on the connectors. No PCB.

I have never made this mod, so I am not 100% sure. about the above.

i was wondering too if this can be done…

it does seem a little bit difficult but if the namco case fits an LS-32 im sure it ll fit an LS-33 as well, you ll just need a dremel to shape the inside so that the LS-33 fits right…
the existing screw holes of the namco are slightly widder placed than those of the LS-33 thats why it ll be quite a fuss to do

well, basically, with the right tools and “smartassness”, everything can be done. ^^

If dremeling the case is enough, then it’s fine.
I would go with the LS-32 anyway.

Yes, but I have never come across a case with the right holes to fix a seimitsu or sanwa sticks (except the HRAP and the Sega HG, of course).

You will have to drill holes, but it shouldn’t be a big deal.

when i get to it i ll be sure to post pics and everything…

for now its just theory

For LS-33, even after removing the top plate and installing by holes drilled in the top panel, I had to cut a hole in the bottom of the namco.

For LS-32, a hole in the bottom panel was required as well as removing the dark blue restrictor plate.

What about an LS-56?
Aren’t they shallower than the LS-32? (Akihabarashop used to list the dimensions of their sticks, maybe the owner knows?)

No, the 56 is much longer, and the 33 is actually the smallest Japanese stick.

so, anyone try with the LS-33 stick? i’m thinking on mod a Namco stick, but i’m not so good in that type of work -.-, so i prefer the less frustrating mod to do (like switch stick/button, wire all of them on some PCBs and go).

Yeah my namco has a ls 33 in it at the moment… the flashlight on the camera kind of ****** up the picture but it’s sexy in rl.

I had a jlf in there before I put the ls 33 in. I did not have to cut a hole on the bottom of the joystick for the ls33 or the jlf. And the jlf is bigger. All you have to do is cut the whole plastic square enclosure that hosts the joystick. Then drill into the metal panel. And screw the joystick to the metal panel, remove the guide on the ls 33 (it servers no purpose anyway). Easy if you have a jigsaw.

I followed this guide…