Namco Bandai X Tecmo Koei Team-Up

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What do you guys think of this?
Tekken X Dead or Alive?
Soul Calibur X Dead or Alive?
Pac Man X Ninja gaiden?.

Probably something that’s not a fighting game.

You might be right but don’t rule it out just yet.

Come on Dynasty Warriors vs Tales of Fighting game.

Whatever it’s going to be it’s going to be awesome.

If it’s fighting game related please for the love of god let it be SC X Dynasty Warriors or Tekken X DOA

Tekken Musou is pretty popular idea on IRC atm

i bet its an adventure/action game featuring nina williams and ryu hayabusa.

Based on the news of the Persona 4 fighting game, I’m guessing that it’ll be a Deus Ex fighting game. It’s just as likely really.

Wake me up when there’s a Virtua Fighter x Guilty Gear.

Why is this in FGD?
This game is not a Fighter.
Namco has done this before.

Ya know, this could be some guest character stuff for SC5. Wouldn’t be surprised and if it was someone like Gaun Yu or Xaihou Dun or Cao Pi in SC it’d be awesome adn fit.

Tekken Girls vs DOA Girls Extreme Volleyball.

add to that tekken bowling and the girls of SC and im sold

Bamco X Tecmoei Xtreme Ball and Bowl.

i feaar this article may hold true.
(note: needs translation)

It’s One Piece Musou…basically Dynasty Warriors: One Piece.
You may close thread now.

Oh shit faints from Haki burst