Namco hates europe?

Why does America get Soul Calibur 31 january 2011 while Europe gets the game 01 February 2012?

America got financial problems!

Europe Lands with financial problems is

  1. Spain
  2. Italy
  3. Greek
  4. France

WTF I LIVE IN NORWAY THE WORLDS RICHEST LAND IN EUROPE! And you cant release the game at 31 january 2011? Seriously wtf is Namco Bandais problem?

Rich Europe country like

  1. Sweden
  2. Denmark
  3. Norway
  4. Germany


Soul Calibur V has been out for 10 months?!?!? WTF, have I been living in a cave?

Soul Calibur came out for the Sega Dreamcast in 9/9/1999 in the US…12/1/1999 in the EU.
Where have you been for the last 12 years…we got a black president BTW.

These trolls are beyond lame.

European releases are usually street dated Thursday, most likely because it takes longer to distribute a game in Europe (since many countries are not accessible by land and they must use air to distribute a lot of shipments) and ensure that everyone who is going to sell the game has copies of it on hand.

i hope you feel silly for thinking namco has anything to do with the release date or that it has anything to do with anti-european sentiments

This was a troll attempt? Based on this:


I just thought Skwisgaar here was pissed at the U.S. of A.

Not a troll attempt at all. Your goverment owes Norway $21 billion.

Its a shame they prefer to release the game first on a pooor American continent instead of rich Europe countries. It has nothing to do with flight or production. A package from America takes only 3 days to reach Norway. A package from Asia takes only 7 days to reach Norway. So stop coming up with lame excuses.

maybe it has to do more with EU bureaucracy and taxation

We owe everyone mad money. We’re fiscally irresponsible, perhaps even fatally so.

But hey, we have some cool shit here! :smiley:

SCV has been out for nearly a year? Foreal? How come I haven’t heard of this?

Real talk though. America has always gotten a game a day or two before Europe does. It’s not just Namco that does this. Something about some tax that has to be paid before it’s released.

yeah we owe people money

but we get soul calibur 1st HOLD DAT SHIT

Namco hates everything, specially Tales fans.

Skwisgaar is from Sweden. Tokki is from Norway!

Having the worlds largest military and knowing we can wipe you out in a heartbeat lets up sleep better at night and hey the jackals always eat after the lions.
What i really want to know though is when the fuck did soul calibur get up to installment number 31?
Fuck i must have been really high.

FUCK! I was actually gonna say Toki at first, but I wanted to make sure that everyone got the joke! :frowning:

yeah they hate europe so much they just let people in france loctest it all the time

Our military supremacy clearly gives us a right to a 1 day advance on SC5.

the Chinese get bootlegs weeks before.

Consider it punishment for your dirty socialistic ways. Or something.

P.S. Sweden is better.