Namco Hori tekken tag stick dual pcb mod (ps2-ps4)

Hello guys! I’m a brand new user in this forum, I’m here because I kindly need some help, I’m trying to make a dual pcb mod using a namco Hori tekken tag stick and a pcb from a hori mini fighting stick, the only problem is that wherever I connect the GND connector from the ps4 pcb to one of the GND of the ps2 stick, the button in question appears as always pressed, here there are Pictures of how everything is connected(
) the button is connected to the GND and Live/line spots of the ps2 pcb(each button has a dedicated GND and live/line spot), the ps4 pcb’s GND and button Live/line are connected in their respective spots on the ps2 pcb(there is only one GND spot on the ps4 pcb and it is shared for every line/live button)
What am i doing wrong? Thanks for the help

Which PCB’s specifically are you using? And are they both common ground?

Have you had a read through the thread on dual modding?
Not sure if it’ll solve the issue for you but it’s a good place to start

Hey dude thank you for the reply! The pcbs are from a namco Hori tekken tag stick and a hori mini fighting stick (this one when hooked up on a PC says that it is called hori kai 4) I know for sure that the second one is common ground, but for the first one I know that each ground points are connected to eachother so… It should be too! and yes! I’ve read the dual modding 101 guide but I didn’t find anything related to this problem