Namco mod advice

Modding the buttons is no big deal, but as for the joystick; I was looking at some tutorials to put in a jlf, an ascii, etc… but to save time and money wouldn’t jlf micro-switches fit in the stock joystick of the namco? and if not are there any that would(of good quality)?, The reason I ask is because the stock micro-switches in the namco look very similar in size to the micro-switches in the jlf.

I would keep the stock joystick, swapping the Microswitches are fine, maybe add some lube
You never be happy how a JLF or a Seimtsu would look in a Namco

There’s no problem soldering the wires on the little pegs on the sides of the micro-switches, are there?

As long as you do not hold the soldering iron on the tabs too long your fine. Too long and the heat will damage the microswitch
You might be better off with a Crimper and some quick disconnects size .187

Stock microswitches are Omron, though I can’t remember if they’re the same rating as JLF’s.

Cherry switches are nice in it.

these?: 187s

I have a Namco, been sitting around for a year because the buttons and stick feel very “soft”. If I wanted to keep this stock, what type of spring would be recommended? I’ve been told that replacing the buttons on a Namco is blasphemy, but I may have to go with Sanwa’s, way too mushy.

Its not changing the buttons thats a sin, its changing out the Joystick as I seen very very few good JLF Installs in a Namco

Sanwa Buttons would be fine

Just do what I’m attempting; get the micro-switches(boom) and the 187 quick connects(pow). Also, you should make sure you map out the wires on a piece of paper so when you put it all together you don’t accidentally mess up the directional scheme(unless you’re tech-savy or have a very good memory).

Is the stock spring in the namco about the same size as the jlf spring? since the namco has basically all knock-off sanwa, is it safe to say all of the little parts that make up the joystick are roughly the size of jlf pieces?

You cannot use Quick Disconnect with those Microswitch.
They are designed to solder on PCB.

I might do that, I have no desire to drill out a Namco to put a new stick in. I’d like to find some MM9-1 switches to fix up the buttons, but haven’t been able to find them anywhere, at least no place that ships to the us.
There’s a Namco thread around here somewhere, this must have been brought up there at some point. I’ll have to search and see if it survived the move to the new forum.

I was trying to refer to the quick-disconnects darksakul referred to so it would be easier to solder the wire. Could I use the pegs on the sides of the micro-switches to solder wire onto?(basically subbing them in for the stock namco switches).

There is no way to use Quick Disconnect on those Microswitch linked.
Have to solder wires directly to Microswitch.

That’s fine, as long as it works some way it doesn’t matter to me, I just cant wait to finish this project.