Namco PS1 Mod Stick/Button Choices?


I’ve searched and I see a lot of mods done, but either they had to swap some parts with old parts, or had to cut the stick, or the stick shaft is ridiculously long, etc.
Is there a stick/buttons I can use with a PS3/PC Cthulhu PCB fitting inside that will fit in the Namco without being bastardized? I see many people drilling holes in the bottom of the metal so it will fit, etc, and I’d rather NOT do that. I loved the basic stick, but I’ve played so much on it I can confirm it being dead. I learned ST/MVC2/3S/etc on this stick, the CP had to be repainted because of rust from my sweaty hands, and the plastic inside is just worn. The spring has been replaced twice, I’ve lubed it 5 or 6 times, and the stick center is just a floppy mess. HK also stopped responding. Got it for 20 bucks at a resale shop. Talk about value!


Kowal has some good info on basic Namco mods. You can fit in a JLF or LS-33 since both have pretty low clearance. Nothing will feel exactly like the Namco setup, but you could hunt down another one.


Some good ideas in there. If you feel like your namco shaft is too beat up to reuse in this mod, Paradise sells shortened shafts for the JLF. GL!


Shortened shafts, excellent!
EDIT: Holy hell, they cost more than the stick!


I put a JLF spring, pivot, microswitches and gate in one of my Namco sticks and feels like a slightly tighter JLF and no cutting or anything involved. It works perfect on the PC also with a cheap PSX to USB adapter.
Also sw-68 switches inside the stock buttons make it feel pretty damn close to Sanwa buttons


General rule of thumb is to own at least five minty Namcos and then mod the one in the one in the worst condition. :slight_smile:



Other than restoration/repair and switch and spring replacement I feel that any other mods done to the old namco stick should be a sin.
There is actually decent buttons in the Namco switch and should not be replaced, maybe swap out the switches and thats it.

I cringe every time someone butchers a Namco stick by installing a nasty JLF inside.


When you say “butcher”, do you mean that figuratively (as in “it’s simply ruining the image of the Namco stick”), or literally (as in “physically cutting/drilling the Namco casing”)? Or both?

For those unaware, it’s totally possible to mod a Namco stick without cutting into the casing at all, and doing all the modding on the JLF side of things.


The literally sense, as most people leaves quite a bit of visible evidence. Now if I can’t tell a JLF is in the Namco stick with a quick glance, then I can “let it slide”

I am not a complete purist (as I am guilt of some mods too, IE my AES NEO GEO stick) but very few people mod the Namco for the JLF without ruining the ascetics of the controller.
I shouldn’t see screw heads sticking out or visible cut marks.

Now something like this, Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting) Completely fine
Where the Namco completely dead on arrival be my guess, mod the hell out of that thing.

If I see 4 visible screw heads, NO.


I like it stock. Call me crazy.


Stock is amazing and hence why it is considered one of the best arcade of its time (maybe even all time!!) but I’ve always had the temptation to go to the dark side and do a Namco stick mod…and because I recently came across a very worn out Namco, I may be doing just that this weekend


There is certainly something about the look of the stock Namco. Keeping it as close to that as humanly possible is the right way to go, and PA’s short shafts are worth it just to keep it looking stock if you go the JLF route. If humanly possible, swapping in OBSF switches for the flat buttons is worth it.

That’s why people throw a fit when someone does a full case mod with the exceptions of sticks bafiaris’s where the stick is barely recognizable as a Namco as is.


how would i go about installing an octangal gate?


I put a square sanwa gate on mine just fine, i cut down the 4 tabs sticking up and put the 4 screws it in that go through the holes of the microswitches, and fits perfect. So same can be done for the octa gate


Am I a monster for wanting to mod my Namco sticks with LS-30 rotaries?


Yes. LoL. :smiley:


I just wanna tap on to the OG pcb and slap my paewang pcb in it… and now I’m kinda tempted to put a link on that one too so that can be my backup/emergency stick… I have 3 Namco stick, so I think you guys can forgive me? lol


Might as well remove the old PCB and set it aside for a future project. You’re essentially bypassing it in that case, and there isn’t anything wrong with it.

It is only held in by the 12 solder joints on the button leads, which are simple to desolder. No weird tabs or cutting required (unless you dike off the cables). Leave the start/select daughterboard in there, obviously.


Is there stick combination that is exactly like the stock set up? It is definitely different, but still feels good. Mine is kind of worn down but I don’t want to lose the feel no homo.