Namco should make a new game out of the Tekken movie


No, not Tekken 7. I just mean they can do it as a side project, like a Tekken alternate universe type thing. It’ll basically be Tekken with a more dark, underground, bleak dystopia future type theme, like a Bladerunner fighter almost. They did such a fantastic job with tekken 6 BR, I bet they can make the movie version rock too.

Btw, saw the movie when I was in Japan, it fucking kicks serious ass. If you have a chance, go see it, you won’t be disappointed.



Let me guess.

Tekken Skystage

what do I win?


Lol nah, I mean a fighting game, not a shooter or anything like that. Sorta like how Capcom made SF The Movie the game, only Namco can make this actually not suck. It could turn out rather interesting.


SF:TM:TG > Tekken

Street Fighter movie (JVCD one) > Tekken movie and KoF movie