Namco Stick and MagicBox

Hi Guys. I would have searched to see if other people have posted about this,
but the search does not seem to work right now.

One of my friends has recently bought one of those fine namco sticks. The gray one
with yellow balltop and buttons for ps1 and tried it out on his xbox through his

The outcome was that his xbox went a bit bonanza and started moving into
different menus and ended up erasing some save files!

He needs a good converter so he can play 3s so lag is not an option.

Does anyone now what he should get, since magic box is the only one I
know that should work really well with most controllers.

  • Thankz

Hi there my Nordic friend :wink:

I don’t know which converter to buy, so your main question won’t be answered by me. But, I’ve noticed something that could be interesting to some; I also have a Namco stick and my friend to. But they are slightly different! Mine has bigger and more greyish logosticker(under the stick) sticked to it, whilst my friends sticker is a little bit smaller and more green. I have also noticed that the metal plate on top of the stick feels diffrent on our sticks.

Well, the point is that my stick, opposed to his, work excellent on Xbox with magic box. I don’t know why that is, but the sticks seems to have a different type of PCB depending on where they from. Strange, but that’s my only hypothesis.

Thankz Jazzt. My friend got hold of a joybox or something. It seems to work as far as he says, but I’ll test it soon to see if there is any lag.