Namco Stick Appreciation!

Are there 2 types of this stick? because I’ve seen two different stock joysticks inside and wondered if anyone knew the differences.

What do you mean two different joysticks?

Yes your right there is two different joystick. one of it has a white gate and the other one has a black gate. hummm?

Could it be different editions, perhaps? For example, like the normal HRAPs and special Amazon ones with orange buttons.

anyone have any pics?

One has a longer shaft than the other and a black gate, I remember reading something about the two types, like one had worse quality buttons or something.

Is this for the PS1? As in Namco Arcade Stick?

i know some are made in japan and some are made in china… is that the cause for difference?

I have 9 Namco sticks. They all have white stock sticks. Pics of the black one please?

I have boxed European ones and a few Japan Namcos. The rest are US version.

I have one for sale if anyone is interested. I’m talking about the Namco PS1 arcade stick, it is made in Japan.

Different (harder) microswitches, longer shaft, different chip on the pcb, different sticker on the base. (will post pics later)


Shaft 1:

Shaft 2:

Chip 1:

Chip 2:

Switch 1:

Switch 2:

Base 1:

Base 2:


Oh wow.
I just checked my two Namco Sticks right now.

I have one of each!

Thank you Sephiru.

Same here, yea :rock:

Don’t they look beautiful together, aaawww

The microswitches in your pics have the same code (V-15-3A5) and therefore are identical in every respect, including the operating force which is what makes a switch harder or softer. You can check the code in the Omron V-series datasheet:

The last digit of the code (5) corresponds to an operating force of 200g/f.

If you feel one is harder than the other, either your senses are fooling you or one is more worn than the other.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that two different versions do not exist but simply that your pics do not demonstrate their existance as they don’t show the sticks in their entirety, just the part that sticks out. The only pic of the inside shows a stick partly modded with Sanwa parts and is pointless.

The chip is identical in both cases (HDUL2-V2). The different numbers (9628, 9617) just refer to different manufacturing dates, which is irrelevant.

If you peel off the blue sticker you’ll find underneath the same sticker as the other stick. Possibly a new sticker was added to sticks destined to other markets than the Japanese one.

now i’m curious. one is slightly modded with an ls-32 spring/gt-y and it was a white square gate. the other i’ve yet to crack open, but it too has a green sticker on the bottom but the buttons feel identical to the modded one.

The harder switch has been used a lot more than the loose one, I thought there was a difference because of the code in the the top right corner of the switch.

I’ll post a pic of the shafts later.

ok so i’ve aquired a few more namcos, and of the 5 i have, 3 have green stickers, one has a black (souledge stick from japan), and my newest has a blue. all 5 have the white sticks.

How much money would a UNOPENED sealed Namco Arcade Stick cost? =o