Namco Stick Appreciation!

I found one of these at a flea market for 10 and just playing on it a bit (Well not really since I lack a converter for my PS3), it seems like a very nice stick. I love its compact size as I’m not a fan of the larger sticks. Probably sell it though since I’m mainly a Tekken player and prefer my pad…probably better off in the hands of someone who will use it, lolz

Man you got that for a steal

theres one up for bid right now if anybody’s interested

shippings already $36 =(

A bit late…but I finally got one of these a few months back to use for SF4 on PC, PS2, and BC games on my fat PS3 (this was the main reason, shame the madcatz simply don’t work on BC games…).

Anyways, here it is next to my PS3 TE…

It’s definitely a different feel from the Madcatz TE, a bit “clickier” and not as smooth a feeling as the TE, but it’s certainly a great stick and I’ve really enjoyed using it thus far.

Yup guys, as i made a namco mod stick I thought it would be great to share how I put a namco stick in. I’m surprised all the tutorials about the namco stick are very complicated for nothing, so here is mine :

Sorry about language, english is not my native language.^^

Nice one. Although I never really got why people would want to change the stick. I say just throw in new micro switches if they are too worn and replace the spring.

I got 1 modded namco with seimitsu buttons and just replaced switches and spring in the stick and 1 original stock namco… Ahhhhh.

That is just same install as any mod.

Exact as documented in HORI Fighting Stick EX2 Thread.
Which of course is same for any HORI Fighting Stick.

But still, people follow the outdated install of ArcadeStickMonk. :sad:
Weird people.

Here?s my namco tried to trade it for a TE stick but nobody wanted to trade. O well I guess I?ll keep it and go buy a new TE.

If I wanted to change the color of my L1 and L2 buttons, what would be the best way to go about painting/dying them

You need vinyl dye. You’ll probably need to do 1 coat of white and then whatever color you want to finalize it. Other paints will chip and crack on plastic (even some that say they’re for plastic). Vinyl dye is the only paint thin enough to seep into the plastic perfectly.

so buy a white one and then whatever color I want and then apply in that order?

ill get on it asap

Jdm : yup it’s not so different that usuals mods… As you said many follow old tutorial so I wanted to give it a end. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jazz : Clembo is right, my small buttons had turned yellow after two years of use. They are so ugly now that i’m going to totally change them. :wink:

More Namco’s sticks.

Nice namco’s :slight_smile:
how many of these do you actually have? I had to force myself to stop at 10 lol…was reading the thread and seems you’ve purchased quite a few…make me wanna buy more when I look at these though. Good finds.

Having a hard time finding the answer in the thread. I’m looking to replace the spring in my Namco and maybe grease it. This would be my first time opening a stick up, and I’m a little a-scared of operating on my baby! From what I gathered, it will accept any Sanwa or Seimitsu spring?

One more thing, is it normal for the stick to depress further than the actual microswitch press? Example, once the microswitch “clicks” the stick can still be moved a little further in that direction… I guess it feels “squishy” if that makes
sense, and not in a good way.

I own, (all stock): 3 Agetec Dreamcast sticks, Hori Tekken 6 wireless, MadCatz SFIV TE and the Hori EX-2 and non of the sticks feel “squishy” the way this one does.

This is by far the most asthetically pleasing, comfy and functional stick I own or have ever used! I just want to give her a tight… Ok, I won’t go there!

Not any Spring.
Whatever you can do to the Sanwa JLF, you can do to Hori Joystick.

And all Microswitches do the click and can further move.
But I don’t know what the squishy you have is.

Namco is old.
Just grease it new.

All microswitches have a degree of travel after the ‘click’, with the amount varying depending on the exact switch. This may be what you’re feeling, as I haven’t used the others you mention to compare. Another possibility is the stick lifting slightly after full travel, which might be due to an extremely light (worn-out) spring.

How do you guys remove all the rust and gunk on the bottom plate?

Here’s what mine looks like (if you guys could tell me how to get rid of the permanent marker writing, that’d be great too):

Also, my medium kick button is a little “gummy”. The other five buttons are really clicky, but the medium kick button doesn’t feel as responsive (works fine though). Is there a way I can fix this?

Can someone tell me the dimensions of the stick, and the thickness at the thickest and thinnest part of the slope? Thanks