Namco Stick Appreciation!


I opted to use washers with longer screws when I dremeled in a Hayabusa. Future project could possibly be to make the bottom plate hinged and sit on rubber thumb screws for fast access and have some grip if used on arcade top.


Thanks for the heads up. Come to think of it; The shafts on the Tekken 6 wireless and the EX sticks fit in the sanwa casing pretty good IIRC, I could try that.


In this thread precisely I put my Namco Stick


how far does the shaft stick out? Looks higher than the standard 23-24mm


The sticks are the same, I think 24mm. What happens is that with the bat put is higher than with the ball.


Maybe the final bump for this thread. Let’s post those Namco’s!


I created and put a custom Art to my Namco Stick


I should have posted this here to begin with, better late than never I supposse…

NPC-102 Namco Joystick 1996…2018 JLF Install.

I had to mod the stick a bit, starting by drilling the joystick base a bit where the bolts line up, I did it in order to use the base as is (keeping it stock) and be as close to the top as possible in order to keep the bottom from scraping at all.

I also did some snipping of the sides where the bolts can mount on certain applicatiopns, just so it could fit in the enclosure without hacking the case.

The tabs for the square gate needed to be a bit shorter and one of the leg clips that hold the gate also needed to be trimmed. Do not cut all the way as you will ruin the integrity of the stick BTW.

The shaft is Namco stock which fits nicely. The actuator needed to be cut and I used the Namco actuator for sizing. I could have used the Namco actuator which I tried and although it provides a shorter throw I’m honestly not too thrilled about the nylon material.

Finnally the spring, the Namco spring is too loose, it’s nice for some but too loosey goosey for me, the sanwa spring way to stiff in this case with the shorter shaft (at least for me), so I opted for a Tekken 5 spring, stiff like seimitsu but clean travel and contact like sanwa 'cause it’s all basically sanwa anyway.

The results are excellent, proper height, no different than stock height. Looks superb, no alteraions to the case which was my main concern and a bit stiffer than stock JLF, almost like a 1.5lb spring which I could have installed but I’m happy with how it came out.

Played some KOF’99 on PSX with glorious results, corner juggles extravaganza, charging Robah FTMW, didn’t feel lost, didn’t feel cheated like I did when playing it stock, lol.


Very clean install, I like how you kept the outside looking stock.

I do have one big point of complaint, though:
Installing the JLF by drilling through the restrictor plate is the n00b way to do it. :slight_smile:
The BETTER way to install a JLF from the bottom into cases like the Namco, Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3, etc is to first slice off the 4 things highlighted here:

(I only highlighted one, but cut off all 4).
Then use countersunk or relatively-flat-topped screws and mount JUST the black JLF body into the same mounting holes that you’ve used in your installation.
This way, the microswitch PCB and the restrictor plate install just as normal, and can be removed/replaced without having to unmount your entire JLF.


Thanks for the comments. I did that with the Tekken 6 wireless, yes it does work great. With the Namco I opted for the long screws simply 'cause it’s what I had handy, I can still do it the other way, I just might in the future.

Edit: NVM, I misread the last part, just realized this now. Thanks again for the suggestion.


@electricgrave thats awesome. I like that all you did was hook up the insides and didnt do anything gaudy to you outer shell. god bless your soul


Thanks! I rather mod the JLF itself than the case, after all JLFs are easy enough to source ATM. I always try to keep things as close to stock as I can thus providing an option for reversal if need be. This particular case is immaculate, I couldn’t possibly alter it in any form and sleep sound at night, lol.


Konami Gradius Stick :grinning:



I just teared up seeing that Gradius stick. Its magnificent.



The truth is, yes. :smiley:

This is the image that I used to create the Art on my Stick.


Oh yeah I know, it’s the MSX version box/label art for Nemesis/Gradius. It’s still really neat looking on that stick.




Time to plug in the NES


<- has the NES and PC Engine versions :smirk:


Well look at you lol. I’ve been meaning to get into TurboGraphx just short on funds since I just got the Atrox a couple weeks ago lol. Now if I could only find a decently priced Namco stick. Hmmm…