Namco Stick Clean up/mod

I know there was a thread somewhere but I can’t find it or my brain is fried or something.

I have a stock namco that I want to keep that way (no super long shafts with a sanwa for me) but the paint is old and some rust parts, and I lent it to a friend and the PCB is going on the fritz so I figured while I was going to throw a new PCB in there I might as well do more.

What kind of paint do I use for this? The CP itself is metal, and the rest is plastic I believe. I know it wouldn’t be wise to paint the buttons, but do seimitsus/sanwa buttons fit in there with the room allowed? As then I can replace the buttons and put a different balltop on the stock namco.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the guide Kowal. Yours appears to be much more informative than this one.

Do yo want to keep it the same color? If so, go to Napa or any place that sells SEM interior paint, and match it the best you can to the cap colors. They have MANY shades of gray/charcoal/black paints specifically formulated for plastic.

I used SEM on my Namco mod but I just used the colors I had on hand so, it’s definitely darker than stock.

thanks guys. I wanted to change the color