Namco Stick - is it really worth modding

Ive got a Namco stick, and whilst it fuckin rocks for 3d fighters, it sucks for 2d imo. I was gonna mod it but after doing a search ive read a lot of you guys banging on about how great the stick is. Is it really so good ?.

Just so you know, this is my stick

Personally, I find it way too loose for 2d fighters.

If you mod it, it’ll be hard to get another one if you change your mind. I say leave it stock and go build another custom stick.

Only mod if you have more than two. Consider the following situations

  1. Ok, I have one, it took me a long ass time to get and it cost me a lot
  2. Ok, I have two, I will use one to death and keep the other for sentimental value
  3. Ok, I have three, I will use one to death, mod one, keep one for sentimental value. This way, I can rest assure that I always have a mint Namco.

Ok, that was more of a joke. Anyway, I would say keep it the way it is. Mod it if you have at least two. Although you can always revert back to stock parts (depending on the method of modding).

I sold my Namco stick in 1998. At least once I month I still get depressed and feel stupid about doing it. Just think about how dumb you’ll feel if you mod it and it doesn’t work right at all.

you won’t be able to mod it with a 100% pure Sanwa stick without sacrificing height. if you’re comfortable with tall Japanese sticks (which is unlikely if you’ve been using the Namco a lot), then go ahead and mod it by drilling through the top plate.

if you want a short stick, just go build a custom.

I am modding 2 Namcosticks now, more on that later, hehe :).

Seriously these sticks are easy to get hold of i see at least three a week on ebay if you want to mod one get another off ebay, if you cant find them in the US ebay check the uk ebay cause they always have them on there.

yes eBay UK often has Namco’s but they can go for anything from £30 - £70 (yes £70 ! !) so thats anything from $60 + without P&P, and I shipped 2 boxed Namco’s to US via EMS to one of the members on here shipping cost for EMS for the 2 Namco’s = £60

on a side note, I’ve had as many as 4 Namco’s in my house at one time, IMO they are probably one of the better sticks and layouts as stock, but Seimitsu are No.1 everytime for me

If you like Seimitsu you may want to check out my mod later on ^_^…

I switched out the sanwa shaft for the shaft from a US T5 stick. Proper height, same throw range, and no sacrifices anywhere. Top metal plate was not modified, just screws through the plastic and then dremelled down so the plate will cover it.

I’ve had a Namco for a long time now, and I’ve asked this question many times in this forum.

If you did mod it, the Sanwa would be tall, and you have to cut up the sanwa, it’s not worth it. Also, 99% of the time to mod it you would be taking out the hori PCB and replacing it with a DS1 PCB, so all in all, you are just gonna use the case, and try to shove all the Sanwa parts in it.

Or you could keep the namco (with buttons more sensitive then sanwas, they might feel cheap, but they are more sensitive) and make box for the Sanwa parts. Makes alot more sense. And the Namco is one amazing stick stock, period.

You CAN, buy different balltops for it, (they fit) which is kinda nifty.

EDIT: and while it is great for 3-D, it’s great for 2-D as well, I don’t play very many 3-D fighters, but I do use it for MvC2/3S/KOF/CvS2 and it’s great.

sounds interesting TRNG - I’m thinking you maybe used an LS32-01 ?

The one who lives will see ^_^. Will post a new thread in a few days (if all works well).

sounds like it’ll be even taller. :frowning: (note that by “sacrificing height” i meant that the stick would be too tall.)


probably means you’re using a hybrid stick too, which is the biggest problem, really.

I am selling some Namcostick-goods.
Please post in thread or PM if anybody wants something.

hi all, i want to change the namco shitty lever to sanwa one is out there any faq for doing this?

i think that sanwa stick won’t fit in :frowning:

I did it myself:

thx man i was searching for this!

Does Ryan Hart use one of these sticks ?, I thought I saw him using one in a video.

ew that stick looks ass long. Thats why it’s not even worth the trouble of modding it, it’s fine as is and having another jap stick for just the added work of a box, it’s a no brainer.