Namco stick mod with full JLF

I plan to mod a namco stick with a full sanwa JLF. Most people here use the namco shaft (except TRNG’s guide, however the stick seems too tall), but I would not like to do that. I know this requires drilling a hole through the bottom plate.

My question is, if i do go ahead with this, when i rest it on my lap will the shaft go through the hole to the point where i can feel it touch my leg?

If you don’t want to use the namco shaft, then just put in a Seimitsu LS-33 instead of a JLF.

It’s not touching my leg. Just don’t play on your lap with closed legs.

how does the ls-33 handle compared to a JLF?

awesome thanks. what if i want to play on a table? im guessing the feet will give it height?

also, will PS-14-K-N’s fit fine?

As long as it’s 30mm buttons, I guess. You might have to bend the microswitch prongs though to make them fit. The feet should give it height to be played on a table, but don’t count on it. Just do what I did and add your own rubber feet in. I just got a pack of six small self-adhesive rubber doorstoppers from the hardware store to put under mine, since rubber feet usually requires a hole to be screwed in. A pack costs less than $3 for me.

thank you. ill go ahead and do that if i have problems.

If I remember correctly, you’re not going to be able to mount an unmodified JLF at the correct mounting height (~24mm shaft length) in the Namco. Doing so would require an extra 7 or so mm in depth to be added to the mounting area. Drilling a hole for the shaft won’t solve the problem because that much added will cause your JLF base (not just the shaft) to run into bottom plate, I think.

Although I could most easily be wrong since it’s been a long time since I’ve modded a Namco and the only one I have to do measurements is a brand new in box one that I obviously don’t want to open. I’d definitely do some measurements first though before drilling a hole that might not even solve your problems.


You don’t have to drill the bottom plate, just insert an extra washer with the shaft (as close as you can to the top) and this will add extra tension to the spring and will prevent any contact with the bottom plate.

thanks for the heads up paik. ill just order a JLF and see how it goes.

if i did that, then there wouldn’t be any point in putting a JLF. i want to install a JLF to get the proper stick height and tension. thanks for the tip though.