NAMCO STICK(S), 3(!) dual-modded sticks, stock sticks, various controllers and more!

Oh my god, we’re having a fire! . . . SALE

So there’s going to be a lot of items for sale in this thread eventually, of all sorts. Stock sticks, modded sticks, stick parts, controllers, games, books, even custom stick artwork later on when I get the time to do so. Check back all the time, because new stuff will be added constantly. I take PayPal only, and prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted. Thanks for looking!

Stock Sticks

eBay link

HORI Fighting Stick PS

[details=Spoiler]Stick and buttons work great. Some scuff marks, but I’ve tried to clean it as well as I can. The photo flash emphasizes them; they’re really not that bad.


eBay link

HORI Compact Stick

[details=Spoiler]Buttons work great, but the stick is a little bit stiff. I’m sure it just needs to be taken apart and cleaned/lubed to get it back to great condition. Case is in pretty good condition, though.



SNK Neo Geo PS1

[details=Spoiler]The stick is very stiff and probably needs to be thoroughly cleaned (or maybe just replaced?). Buttons feel fine, and the case is in good condition except for the worn spots on the golden sun-circle graphic.
SOLD ($40 shipped)



Namco Stick

[details=Spoiler]Ha haaaaaaaaaaa. . . Alrighty, here we go. Gonna tell it like it is, right off the bat: there is some rust on this, mostly just the top panel. I’ve taken close-ups of the key areas that are affected. None of it is deep by any means, and if you have the ability to properly get rid of it all and paint it (or slap a plexi-cover on top) then it would look great.

Speaking of great, the praise for this stick is totally justified. The appearance may be flawed, but the mechanics of this Namco are completely superb. I really couldn’t believe how nicely this plays, it’s unbelievable. Not only that, but I cracked it open just to take a look inside (I hadn’t seen the internals in person before) and I found a nice little surprise: a black plastic stick!

So yeah. . . a Namco stick. Seems to be pretty popular these days. $65 shipped[/details]


Soul Edge Namco Stick bundle

[details=Spoiler]Pictures speak louder than words:

Okay, so those first three were from the Japanese auction listing. The last picture is the actual box in my own room, though, and I have verified that it contains everything from the first three pictures! Everything is in absolutely amazing condition: the game’s disc is completely scratch-free (and includes the OBI), all of the mini-posters/move-lists and stickers are unused, and of course the stick itself is beautiful and in perfect working order. Even the box is outstanding! This is an absolute must-have for collectors… so don’t miss this opportunity to own an incredible Namco stick box set.

$160 shipped[/details]

Modded Sticks


Dual-modded HRAP3 (PS3/360)

[details=Spoiler]A HORI Real Arcade Pro 3, with a Madcatz 360 PCB inside. Everything is stock, meaning a mint JLF and HORI buttons. On the front of the stick is a nice tiny DPDT to switch between 360 and PS3 modes. If you notice in the internal pic, there’s a group of extra wires coming out of the terminal strip; I was going to put a PS1 PCB there, but I am selling this stick because I’m going to be using a different HRAP with a multi-console Cthulhu in it (eventually). I’ll leave it there for you to use if you wish, since it won’t affect anything if it isn’t used.
SOLD ($150 shipped)



Dual-modded Madcatz SE (PS3/360)

[details=Spoiler]As the title says, it’s just a Madcatz SE for the PS3 with a Madcatz 360 PCB piggy-backed. Buttons are decent, but personally I’d swap them out with some new ones. The stock stick is definitely not included, it is beyond gone; I can include a brand-new JLF with shaft cover for $23 extra. Also, notice that there is no switch soldered yet for the USB data lines–I can either use a very small DPDT switch and let you deal with it (no extra charge), drill a hole for the DPDT switch ($2 extra lol), or you can wait a few days for me to get an Imp from Toodles ($10 extra)
SOLD ($120 shipped)



Multi-modded HORI Fighting Stick 3 (PS1/PS2/GCN/DB25 port)

[details=Spoiler]Okay, this stick was my first modding project and because of that it’s messy. Pretty darn messy, but effective. Two PCBs are jammed into the case, along with a DB25 port for project boxes. Despite how it looks, the bottom plate closes completely and nothing touches it (no shorts). Not only that, but it actually is quite feasible to replace the buttons if you’re careful with the wires (I shaved the button holes so it’s all ready for OBSF-30s). There is a JLF installed, and I was originally going to use the Sanwa shaft/actuator, but I shaved too much into the bottom plate so I decided not to risk it any further. The stock HORI shaft/actuator are in it right now, but I will include the HORI stick parts and Sanwa shaft/actuator with the purchase. Here are the button layouts:


? ? R1 L1
X O R2 L2



DB25 Pinout

(see pictures below)

On Gamecube/Wii, L and R do work as far as I know (I’ve only been able to officially test it like twice), but I know for a fact they don’t work in TvC (probably due to the analog triggers not being included). If you’d like me to change the layout of the GCN buttons so that the face buttons (ABXY) are laid out TvC/Blazblue style, then I can gladly do that. As for the project box port, every button and switch on the stick is represented, even the LED signal; I am intending to also include the original PS3 PCB as a project box because of that, but I screwed it up a while back by the USB solder points and I’m still trying to fix it (if it can be).

All in all, a fun and pretty convenient little stick that has the potential to be used for a number of systems. $120 shipped[/details]


beatmania DJ Station PRO

[details=Spoiler]I think there are some bemani fans and music game enthusiasts around here. If you are one of them, this is a great controller for beatmania 5-key games! The box is battered up, but the controller is in fantastic aesthetic and working condition. The button LEDs still light up, and the headphone jack and sliders sound great.
$60 shipped


various Playstation controllers

[details=Spoiler] More to come, because I’m still cleaning them all out for you guys :V
Original and DS1: $10 shipped each
DS2: $12 shipped each



Konami Hyper Blaster

[details=Spoiler]This is the Japanese version, which is also known as the Justifier in some other markets. This is in absolutely flawless condition and includes the box, which is also in great shape. I’m a little hesitant to sell, but we’ll see if people want this more than myself B)
$45 shipped or best offer



Guncon 1/2/lightgun USB adapter

[details=Spoiler]Not much to say. Japanese Guncon, U.S. Guncon2, and an EMS USB adapter so you can use the JP Guncon with PS2 lightgun games. The adapter works on PC as well for two Dualshocks, but there’s enough lag so that it wouldn’t be worth it for fighting games (normal games and shit like DDR work great though).
SOLD ($50)



broken Sony PSX (not a PS1!)

[details=Spoiler]See eBay link above for a comprehensive description.


SFIV Collector’s Edition

[details=Spoiler]Does not include game, but does include Dead or Alive 4 in its place. DOA4’s case sucks, the cover art is sun-damaged, and does not include a manual. The disc is totally fine, though. I am giving this away with the Collector’s Edition because I hate this game.
Headband is no longer available!
DOA4 is no longer available!



Chun-Li figurine

[details=Spoiler]A small gashapon by Kinu Nishimura. Comes with a little half-sheet of concept art.
SOLD ($25 shipped)


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