Namco X Capcom being translated into English



^ oh cool!


pfft too late for me to even care. If they released the game the same year it came out i would’ve bought it but why translate and release it now?


It’d be awesome to have this translated. This is one game I’ve always wanted to play and was completely turned off by not being able to read any of the text.


Even though it’s not directly in the game like this project seems to be going for, this is what I used when I played through the game two years ago.


Is this game actually good?


Gameplay wise… it gets EXTREMELY repetitive and unnecessarily long. After you’ve seen what every character can do… fighting will become quite a bit of a chore.

The music is great IMO… I use tracks from this game in several of my custom mixes.

The story’s probably not gonna blow you away, but it’s still pretty interesting and humorous most of the time.

I’d say it’s worth getting through at least once.


Once upon a time I hoped for this day, I forget how long ago that has been, now I don’t care.


Unfortunate the localization took so long, I had completely forgotten about this game. I will definitely buy, just wondering if I make a point to actually beat it.


I still care. Since this is fan made, will it be playable on a PS2, or will it have to be played with an emulator?


there’s some h8erz in this thread. there can’t be more than a couple of people working on this and they’re doing it all for free.


Fuck no, it’s shit on a stick.

It’s only good for the novelty and presentation.

Gameplay wise, it’s shit on a stick.


Man, I wanted this game way back when…now meh.


As soon as Transgen translates this thing - I’m gettin on!


this would be awesome if the game werent 2 years old and shitty


Yeah, I’m pretty much with everyone else on this one. I slogged through the game in Japanese and now it’s like, oh yeah? Too late now.


Im a part of the team trying to get this thing translated and we’re currently in a beta testing stage. All of the menus and dialogue are completely finished. Just fishing for bugs.


Interesting, I really wanted to play this when the game was first being shown. I’m not hyped like I use to be about it, but I wouldn’t mind playing it.


So is it going to be a file you have to put in the game, or are you going to release a image of the game on bittorrent or something that has all the text in the game, changed into english?


good work despite the hating going on, any chance of a Berserk ps2 trans? ;D Might pick this game up now, but still confused on how the trans will work.