Namco x Capcom There is no god exept for Capcom, and Namco is its prophet!

Namco x Capcom

Namco x Capcom
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Simulation RPG
Release: May 2005

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i wanna have the english version!!!

By Puyo,
Posted on January 26, 2005 with 11h 29

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The meeting appeared impossible, but Capcom and Namco decided to join to create NAMCOxCAPCOM (to pronounce Namco Capcom cross-country race), new Tactic-RPG PS2 where the most famous characters of the two editors will be brought together for a gigantic cross-country race over in the form of homage. Yes, on the model of the series Super Robot Taisen, one will be able to cross on the checkerworks of the play a casting of dream come straight of the largest productions from the two editors. At Capcom, one will find a quota of Street Fighters , with inter alia Ry, Ken, Chun-Li, Vega, Gki, Cammy, Juli and Juni, but also of the characters of Darkstalkers like Demitri and Morrigan, Arthur de Ghouls ’ N Ghosts, Hiry de Strider, Regina de Dino Crisis or even Bruce MacGavin de Resident Evil: Dead Aim. At Namco, it will be necessary of course to count on the characters of RPG and plays of baston, with KOS-MOS, Shion and M.O.M.O. of Xenosaga, characters of different Bruise of, or even Mitsurugi de SoulCalibur and Jin Kazama de Tekken. Other less known characters on our premises, like Klonoa and its friends, the Valkyrie of Legend Valkyrie or Wonder Momo.

All these characters will come to marry the intrigue of the play, at the sides of a new couple of hero built there still on the model of Super Taisen Robot, with side the young person good-looking young man equipped with a large firearm, and other a sexy heroin provided with a stick. Different the maps from the play will refer obviously to the multitude of plays of each universe. The infos on the system of combat remain vague enough for the moment, but it is known all the same that the characters will be able to carry out ultimate techniques by inflating their gauge with the MAX, and to even launch out in combined attacks when two characters are associated. One can thus see Morrigan and Demitri to maltreat two enemies at the same time with their EX Combos. As in a traditional play of combat, it will be possible to carry out some sequences of blows at the time of the sequences of combat itself, with simple handling and beforehand selected blows. The meter of hits to the screen will make it possible to appreciate the extent of the damage. Some points of experiment no-claims bonus will be allotted besides at the time of the K.O., to facilitate the rise in level of the characters. Developed by Monolith Software, with which one owes already the series Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos, NAMCOxCAPCOM is planned for next May in Japan. This stage of development (70%), it is still too early to evoke a localization in Europe and in the United States.


All I can say is:

Have Squaresoft tickled your taste buds?

If Namco got a liscence from capcom. . .could we possibly end up seeing a new set of vs. games



Im looking pretty forward to this game. When I first heard of it I thought it was some kind of joke.

P.S. As this si my first post Id just like to say Hi and I hope to get along well with everyone

Heh that’s what scares me whether you’re joking in that post or not (Uncertain), but how could Namco’s fighting games ever merge with a Capcom fighting game? The mechanics are completely different…

Wouldn’t work.

Actually I bleives it’s going to be a SRPG

namco cant forget time crisis… they cant! :sad: :shake:

This isnt that suprising.

Namco and Capcom have already worked together before, when Namco made that first person shooter version of RE Code Veronica.

y did they all of a sudden change VS to a RPG

What the? This was unexpected.

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Tekken/Soul Calibur can successfully be translated to 2D. Fireballs aren’t that important. Kazuya has a dragon punch and a lunging kick. The unblockables and 10-hit combos could be supers. And Ivy would be the shit. And then comes KOS-MOS…

This Thread is in another section. The Fighting Game Discussion Forum. And it was created by Time_Stop yesterday when this was new news! Just another one of marinitolove’s threads that should of never been created. I don’t think martinitolove is a bad person, but you need to stop creating threads gosh darn it.

i deleted the other tread (gay fun one) and shorted this one too.

now that there are interesting new facts, i hope that we can talk seriously. all of us.

i think that tread in the games section is bad, cause there are not only sf fans postin, and the mass opinion about this game is not good.

this post feels all right here, cause we can ask udon for example, if he is helping develop this game too… (do you, Udon?)

we, sf fans, do not need other treads, cause this is the best one!!!

and by the way, there are (rather new) pictures availible:

have fun, and let this tread develope here too…

unity in variety

Most of the members here ar SF fans but don’t expect to exclude anyone from a topic, everyone is entitled to have and share an opinion. And thanks, you deleted the busiest version of this thread when I’d just wasted my time to delete my post from here and paste it over to the other thread <_<

And why would Udon have anything to do with this? They did a little bit in the fighting stuff but this isn’t fighters… And isn’t this being made by the Namco half?

Of course Studio Udon has something to do with this game. That’s why udoneko posted this.

I don’t think Erik was hinting at anything rather than just saying this thread probably belongs elsewhere because it is none-comic related.

Um… you know I was being sarcastic when I said what I said right?

Holy crap! I thought at first this was another joke or “I wish” thread O__o
I hope this is not a let down but stays good looking and good playing

I would be more excited if this was a Capcom vs Namco type game.

or Street Fighter vs Tekken.