Namco X Capcom Trailer at IGN

Me Rikey!

if i had a ps2, i’d probably be getting that, it looks cool

fucking awesome link.

:edit: i might as well include it.

Looks very cool. I’m gonna get that game 4 sure. :tup:

**what kind of game is it? i can’t tell if its a fighting game or an rpg!?!?!?! but whatever it is i want it and i want it now!

ABASI!** :wow: :clap: :pray:

I’m pretty certain its an rpg but yeah, I want it too man.

The game looks fantastic, if the trailer music is a sample as well, i’ll have to get the game just for that. Guess they are trying something new, whether it works out or not, i’m happy that Capcom is sticking to it’s roots (2D) and even with the 3d transformations, they have fresh looking sprites and ingame art. I just hope that make a game that is viable in multiplayer. As it looks, the system seems to be very simple and is using menu driven attacks (which i’d prefer it didn’t… but nobody really knows how the game plays so far). Anyways, good stuff, looking forward to this.

it looks like you can move like a fighting game and build stats like an rpg. looks fucking awesome. is it gonna hit american shores though?

Dude… After watching this, I am SO wanting this game right now!

IIRC, namco/monolith is making this game, not capcom. lol like capcom would try with their fighting game personalities anymore, CFJ proved they dont give a shit about those franchises anymore. anyway, back on subject. maybe capcom just lended some still image artwork for their characters? the capcom character images are drawn extremely well. if they didnt, then namco sure has some good artists.

gonna be a good game i think, it better hit the US

No, Capcom is involved with the creation of this game. Read this link in it’s entirety and hear it from Keiji Inafune himself.

this is old news the trailer was on gametrailers ages ago i agree it looks good however their are no plans for US or PAL release.
I think capcom are invloved but its defently under namco like how cvs2 is capcom n not snk.

Uh, the way in which he uses “work with” there is VERY ambiguous. It even says in the article that Monolith Soft are developing it, with a Namco guy doing the art.

OMG. THAT SHIT IS AWSOME!!! I dont care what kind of game it is i must have it!!! That shit better come to the US!!! If not im gonna be pissed and disapointed. ALL HAIL NAMCO X CAPCOM!!!

looks like the coolest idea for an RPG ive ever seen…

kiokusho cancled into killer bee assault… TOO good

Looks to me like a mix between Namco’s Tales games (execpt the newer one) and a fighting game.

damn dat shit’s too good. they should make the next vs game look like dat it would be hot.

What game are the guy and girl in red from?

No, Spin Drive Smasher, into Hoyuko Sen, into KBA. :wow:

if you’re referring to who i think you are (watched this vid a month or two ago), they’re new characters, the main characters for this game