Namco's "ball" joystick

Is there a way to modify(without heavily adjusting the interior of the unit) the arcade stick so the tip of the joystick doesn’t spin/rotate when it’s touched? I’m only bothered by this because it’s REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING. That, and the fact that I’m always tampering with it.

IIRC, you can actually twist the ball off (it’s a cap to a threaded brass bolt), which makes it possible to put a little crazy glue or metal-to-metal epoxy on there and screw it back on. Let it dry overnight, and you’re set.

Of course, I owned a lot of joysticks back then, so I might be thinking about something else…

If it’s like a Sanwa stick, there should be a screw-type thing on the bottom of the shaft. Get a screwdriver, twist that part one way, and twist the other way on the ball.

You have a few choices. If you glue the balltop on, you’ll have to remove the e-clip to disassemble the joystick in the future.

The easier choice is to hold onto the balltop & use a flathead screwdriver to tighten the screw at the bottom of the shaft.

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Try a loctite product, they are great for this.

I’m talking about the ball, and how it rotates at the tip of the joystick. Not the joystick, and making it tighter with the flathead screw.

Err, what exactly is it you want to accomplish; Has the balltop gotten loose from the stick so that it unscrews if you spin it, or do you want to stop the whole shaft from being rotatable? It isn’t perfectly clear from your posts…

I want the ball to be fixed firmly so it ca’t be turned while moving the stuck. A solid head, like in the arcades here.

have you tried any of the solutions they’ve posted?
they work.

you can also use Teflon tape on the ball top’s threads so that it’ll bind better. (Teflon tape = the stuff plumbers use to screw pipes together.)

So are the Namco’s stock similar to the NeoGeo how the ball can unscrew for height?

I tried unscrewing the flathead, but it wouldn’t budge.

the only thing that should unscrew is the ball.

I think he was playing around with the screwdriver when the balltop wasn’t attached to the shaft.

The entire shaft itself is a screw. When you tighten the flathead, all you’re doing is holding the shaft steady while you attach the balltop instead of letting the shaft spin around.

Come on, people. A joystick isn’t that complicated…

While that piece of information was oh so dearly interesting, it unfortunately still doesn’t tell me how to prevent the ball of the joystick from moving.

Just to verify, do you have a picture of the stick in question?

Hmm. I can’t seem to figure out how its not tightening or loosening for you. In the namco stick I had, the ball would pop off if you spun it counter clockwise while holding the shaft still, and if you rotated it clockwise, it would tighten. I think what you may have to do is hold the stick upside-down, and pour glue between the shaft and the inside of the balltop(if there is room for it to flow)

Like I said before, use loctite. It locks the ball good but it CAN be taken off. If you use glue (strong glue) you have to saw it off (almost ^_^).

Hold on. What are you trying to do? Make sure the balltop doesn’t unscrew, or keep the entire shaft from rotating?

  1. Screw the ball-top onto the joystick shaft.
  2. Open up the panel.
  3. Firmly hold the ball-top with your left hand.
  4. Hold a flathead screw-driver with your right hand.
  5. Apply the head of the screwdriver to the indentation in the base of the joystick shaft.
  6. Apply torque while obeying (3.).
  7. Apply more torque.