Name Change Thread


Could I get a change to ‘Nobus3r1’? The space and the ‘ver. 2.0’ where done because the e-mail system bugged when I originally registered. Thanks.



Yeah, I’ve been giving people one-time name changes. The original post in this thread is from a different era.


Eh… I’d like MALICE if it hasn’t been taken. If it is, VENOM is the second choice.


Unsurprisingly, both are taken. :sad:

To check quickly, just enter:


Is the one-time name change thing still going? I would like to go by ES_Curse, if possible. I’ve been using that name for tournaments.


Could you change mine to MrSujano please?


when its possible…i would like to change my name too.
nothing big, just from appomo to appo


Hi Preppy.

Will be very grateful if you could change my username to DANZAN.


Could you please change my name to GrandpaHemlock ? Thank you!


Could you change my name to Dirty_NSS please.


Think it’s finally time for a change.

I humbly request a name change to Akhos

If you wouldn’t mind, @Preppy :slight_smile:


what? no…why?:sad: denied :coffee:


Been tired of the LW username for the longest time

Sounds pretentious as hell and doesn’t fit me at all

Just never had something else to change it to

Now I do


Good morning, I would like to change my SRK account name to match my social media accounts

Could my name please be switched to : CubanGrower



I would like my name changed to Mike MF Hall

If that’s too long I’ll go with Mike MF H

Please and thank you


Greetings. I used to be JamesLeeJames (Yes, the one who joined on April Fools day) but I got locked out of my email server. I would like to fuse that account with This one and keep the GrayestOdin795 username and also the April Fools join date.


I cannot change join dates. I can fix the JamesLeeJames account problems if you PM me. I cannot fuse accounts.


Hey @Preppy. My name change to Akhos didn’t stick during the migration; would you be able to fix that?

Tried messaging you by responding to our original PM regarding the name change but either you’ve been busy or notifications don’t work right on old convos.


^ Fixed. :+1: