Name Change Thread


Thanks =D


Just made a purchase from the store but I couldn’t find where to add the code (didn’t really give me an option unless I’m blind/dumb)

But here’s the info:

Transaction ID: 8W2805475P102373H
Name Change: GBS Giovanni


Name change = Keyserjose. PS I have an old account (keyzerjose) that I couldnt remember the password, and I had deleted that accounts email so couldnt reset. Can I have that deleted? If so then keyzerjose would be preferable than keyserjose. Thanks

Transaction ID: 8S14698691166825E


Transaction ID: 8MR71960MC3888615
Name change: CPR253


Couldn’t find a transaction ID similar to other people. Perhaps due to me using my debit card thru Paypal.
But got the invoice ID and reciept number.

Invoice ID - DACX-258474
Reciept number - 2124-6873-8133-5463

Name change to - “'FrankCastleAZ”




Name change - Jon Slayton

Invoice: XYAH-421239
Receipt No: 3257-1804-5869-2518


Ah, here’s my transaction number Transaction ID #8ER89705R40743310

Please change to Galz

Thanx =]


I was wondering if this is still going on. I posted a while ago but my name never updated.
If possible, please change my name to:
Transaction ID: 200128318


Is this still going down? I want a name change to Bunz.

Pretty sure I bought Premium in that time. But I’d buy something new, or just donate.


Is there any way to still get a name change?


Thx for the name change @MrWizard‌


Is there any way that usernames can be usurped? I’d like to go by “InsertNameHere” now (so I don’t have to deal with the angled brackets and so that people can @ me) but there’s already a user with that name.


Hi. I have always been Igydigital for a long time now, but I am more known by my XBL name “RuSH DigitaL”. Can I please have a name change to: RuSH DigitaL if possible, thanks!


If it is at all possible, I would very much like to change my username too

many thanks


Yea please mods/devs/whoever change Furious name so I can finally quote this asshole. Also please change my username to Spanky.

Much love.


I bought a t-shirt during the Black Friday sale. Can I get a name change? If so, I’d like to change it to OhioNitsud.

edit: Removing info for security reasons. Mr. Wizard, if you want my e-mail or whatever then you can pm me. :slight_smile:


Can I get my name changed from DarkCat to Skillzilla? Don’t know if this thread is still active or what, lol. Please don’t ban me.

Going to EVO (as I have for the past 3 years):

Transaction ID# 6YW982102B091523K


I would like mine to be changed to Wicked Bison, please.


Can I please get my name changed to AssassinLoki ? Thanks.


Just so you guys know, admins don’t do name changes aside from very rare and individual occasions so don’t hold your breaths.