Name Change Thread


if possible, could i get my name changed to zenzen? trying to unify my handle across all platforms since it’s what i use nowadays.


Set me back to Snatcher if possible, I get tagged in posts sometimes inadvertently.


Would it be possible to get my name changed to Whizard?

For the same reason as above really, on all platforms that’s my main tag so it’ll be a little easier. Also I pretty much dislike my name :L


Can you change mine to OceanMachine please?
Previous one was a random pick just to be able to post here.




I keep track of new users to the site in order to try to help with the bot problem. One recurrent thing I was noticing was people creating new accounts to simple effect a name change. That sucks: history is an important thing to me and SRK, I think. So: yes, more or less.


Requesting to change my nickname

from: Fatal1ty_93_RUS
to: PVL_93_RU

Thanks in advance


As long as you agree that if you use the Bot Spam button again and it’s not actually a bot, your name gets changed to Poopy_McPoopface. Please click “Agree” if you agree.


can i get my name changed to

thanks in advance.

SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls

K, but then how do I report about someone acting like a retard if the WTF button doesn’t bury posts and the flag button is for bot spam?


Ummmm…PM a mod/admin?


Abusing the bot spam flag for that kind of thing is your worst possible choice. Nothing in Vanilla’s flags allows me to correlate that to instantly alerting a mod, so it just gets put into a stupid queue once enough flags are reached. Until that point, nothing happens.

Thus as I’ve said at least twenty times, using the bot spam flag for a user is not just stupid it’s utterly ineffective. PM or “@” a mod: that’s 1 to 1 communication of a problem and shit just doesn’t get lost because people used the wrong tools.


If possible, can I get my name changed to BolSadguy please?


I would like my username changed to “photon” (or “paolochun” if my previous one is unavailable). Many thanks.


Oh does it not require to do anything fancy to get a change anymore? If so, may I get mine changed to “Seiker” ? Just grew tired of my current one, is all.


Requesting to change my name in NCK_Feroce. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Can I get mine changed to “TrulyAmiracle”? Thanks :smiley:


If it’s not much trouble, I would like my old username that got lost in one of the old forum changes.

Legend II.



How can I change your name to something it already is? O_o


Could I get my name changed to** Chun-Li_Forever**?

rather not give my real name on the internet.

Thank you.