Name It I'll try and make It and Break It

Im bored wit mainstream game combo vids so i was thinkin about just doin none mainstream combo vids i did one already on the fd forums and now i wanna take suggestions on any games out there that I could make good combo vids out of. Remember non mainstream though.

So suggest a game and ill try and make a vid for it.

Dead or Alive: Ultimate

Shaq Fu, Mark Of the wolves (i’d help with this if you want :slight_smile: {not shaq fu])


does vampire savior count as non mainstream? ive never seen a combovid of that game.

combo system is wierd in VS series games… it’d be hard to pull big combos??? from my experience anyways… but it’d definitly be nice to see.


I second on Shaq Fu, but wouldn’t mind seeing Bio Freaks or Eternal Champions. And Rival Schools (any of those craptastical games).

Rise of the Robots!!!

Double Dragon nes vs mode

lol i dont think anyone could make more than a 1hit combo vid of that game. any way i might do dead or alive unless someone can name another game other than shaq fu maybe ill throw in VS and make a compilation vid

lol, Shaq Fu, DOA, and VS…all in one combo vid? You are as awesome as your avatar

TMNT Battle Tournament or w/e it was called

Breakers would do well, when it is all just about the combos …

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 and Soul Edge.

Hmm, I am pretty sure I have seen a few Breakers vids before. I will try and find it…but probably to no avail… Ah, I second the shit out of the original Soul Edge, but not RB2…if you want to break something, bust out Susaku (sp?) in RB1. Cane infinite!

A few good Fatal Fury 3 combos wouldn’t hurt either in my opinion …

good VS haves been done at least 3 times. i remember reading somewhere, that chen(I think) stopped making his b/c of the lvl of the ones that had come out

do tmnt fighters plz

aight im messing around wit tmnt on znes i got a couple of combos so far but im wondering how to get my combos off znes or is there an easier way to do this other than getting a snes and buying the game

Volteir Gaizer, Samurai Shodown 4(u can show a shit load of broken stuff there), Wolrd Heroes 1 and 2 (also perfect version), History ynamite(or something like that a rip off about SF char made by SNK) , Art of Fighting 1 to 3, Last Blade 1, Plasma Sword, Street Fighter Alpha 1 to 2 and Street Figther EX 1 to 3.

That just to name a few.

aight a couple more combos and then ill have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighter done

aight my vid is done and let me just say that TMNT:TF is gay the turltes have the illest combos and this game is gay