Name my pitbull!

So I just got a female pit who’s a couple months old. Would love to hear some name suggestions. Pref something I’m not ashamed to yell out should the need arise…


go with Killer.
"No, Killer! Bad, Killer!"
rolls off the tongue.

Bustah Wolf. So that when you’re walking her you can be like ARE YOU OKAY BUSTAAH WOLLFFF

Either that or PittyMcPitt

Wendy Williams

Female Pit Bull Names: Cool & Unique Girl Dog Names For Pit Bulls

name her “Bite”

Michelle Vick.

Baby Eater.

Her Royal Highness Shaniqua Van McCrammonhands

So when you’re finished saying it, even before you can end your sentence with “stop!” the child’s trachea will already be digested and you can just say you were trying to make your dog stop but weren’t in time.

BoBoBoBo BoBoBo!



I used to have an American Pit bull terrier, he was a guy, and I wanted to name him “Bishop”, but my brother wanted to name him “Coby”, but we somehow ended on “Buddy”, which was the name of our first dog ( German Shepherd ).

First name that came to mind was “Valkyrie”, maybe “Valkie” or “Valk” for short.

How about Rom?


name him bullpit


need pictures to better apply names

Bitch Nigga Eater.


I sorta second this…or to blow it up a little…


I like Michelle…
Thats all I got right now…

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