Name of Mod Booth At EVO (Trying to avoid going home stickless)


So long story short I left my Hitbox for repair at one of the modding booths at EVO (the larger one, not Vikko’s mods). While I left my name and number with the modder, I’m starting to get a bit nervous since I haven’t heard back yet and fly out tonight. I neglected to get the booth name (slipped my mind) or the modder’s contact info (he was swamped with other customers and I figured it wouldn’t be needed). If anyone knows either the name of the booth (or who the modder is) it would be a big help. Thanks!


Try the few modders on Twitter as well, a lot more Eyes there then this thread will see in the next few hr.s


A lot of those guys don’t actually complete the mods during Evo, they get so backed up with work they stay in town an extra few days, complete the work, and mail the sticks out to everyone. I handed off a stick to Gummo last year, and he ended up at Vicko’s for a week (if I recall) getting all their orders wrapped up.


Thanks for the suggestions guys- got in contact with the modder and got my Hitbox!