Name Some Games That You Are Completely Garbage At

For me mw2. mainly because of all that cartoon stuff that happens in that game like sitting in a corner with a laptop shooting and bombing dudes for a heli is weak sauce. add on :bluu:


i cannot use a hotkey to save my life

Same here, I’m garbage at RTS games and I have no idea why.

Demon’s Souls
Virtua Fighter
Mortal Kombat

any fps.

Real-time strategy games, first-person shooters, sports games, most 2-D fighters, and hack-and-slash action games are my bane.

This. I’m terrible at these kinds o games. I can’t up with whats going on.

Racing games. I can’t take a corner to save my life. Its usally either, really slowly, or dragging against the wall.

Flight games. I usally spend a lot of time flying in circles trying to get a lock on my enemy, then get disoriented and crash.

agree on the RTS thing. I’ve tried quite a few RTS games and i’ve been beyond garbage in all of them.

Versus fighters and games like GG, MB, BB etc.

Racing games like Forza 3.

Pretty much everything except SFIV and ST (and even then it’s debatable).

SF4, all FPS games, 3D fighters.

RTS games. I’m so bad at them.

You’re just not Valaris without the Phoenix Write AV. :sad:

Resident Evil 5. The controls are SO complicated and the gameplay is so complicated (helping your partner) that I’m useless.

Metal Gear.

Fuck stealth. Guns blazing is how i roll.

It’s coming back on friday.

I completely have no idea what I am doing with Tetris. LOL.