Name suggestions for a Swedish Fighting Game Community

Greetings high and mighty member of the Shoryuken Forum.

I’ve been lurking around the forum for a couple of years now, and I’ve just recently started to take part of the general discussion of the forum, and as of what I’ve seen so far, theres a lot of bright minds here.

The thing that’s bothering me, and that i need help with is name suggestions for a new fighting game community here in Sweden, that I started last summer with a couple of friends.
We’ve now grown into a group of 47 members, and the last time we played we were a total of 23 fighters. This little community has grown amazingly fast, and we’ve never really tought about naming our community. We’ve mostly just called us SRK Örebro (Örebro, is the name of our City)

We tried to come up with a couple of names for the community, but it’s not really going forward.
Some suggestions have been really good, such as “FocusAttack”, but after a quick google search, we found out that is a internet store for arcade parts, and since we got nothing to do with them, we dont want to start any confusion that we’re somehow related, so we scrapped that one.

Another suggestion was something of a word joke, since out town is called “Örebro”, which basically is two Swedish words put together, “Öre” which means, “Penny”, and “Bro”, which means “Bridge”.
We came up with the brilliant idea of calling ourself “PennyBridge Arcade”.
But once again, lady fortune showed us her back, as “PennyBridge Arcade” is easy to mistake for “Penny Arcade”.

This is making me nuts, and therefore I’m asking you for help!
Please help us come up with name suggestions. The only guideline being that it’s Fighting Game rellated, so that when you hear it, you’ll associate it with Fighting Games, and not confused with some sort of Fightclub or allready existing Community, etc etc.

Thank you for your understanding.
Otium. Sweden.



Just an idea.

Super Swedish Fighter II: The Neutral Challengers




Super Sweed Fighter?


Lars Alexandersson Appreciation Society*

*with an asterix that points out he was born in Japan.

All jokes aside I saw someone mention Ouroboros, so why not Leviathan, Ragnarok, or any of the Norse gods?

I think you should skip the “örebro” part and just go with something fresh.

SWEshoryu Arcade?
Swe uppercuts united arcade?
korvkiosk bison?
meatball arcade ?

hahahahah … if i think of something better i’ll let you know.

swede =/= swiss

ah, i think you’re mistaking the swiss for the swedes.
just sayin.

hmmmmm. suggestions for names?
how 'bout
damn, i never realized how hard it is to make swedish puns.

oops! bjork is from iceland. sorry bout that.

i got it. i got your name.

The Midnight Sun Community.
damn, thats a bad ass name

The Northern Lights Out! community.
thats a good one too.

Blonde and Free?

My last name is starting with Bjork, så you havent shamed your family name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the great name suggestions, feels like i kind of forgot to say that the name doesent need to have anything to do with Sweden, just that it’s Arcade Fighting rellated.
Super Sweed Fighters, made me laugh like shit tbh, and The Midnight Sun, sounds promising aswell.
Gonna suggest all of the names in the thread to the others in the community.

Thanks for the help, and keep em coming! :smiley:

This doesn’t really belong in FGD: FGD should be centered around discussing games and how to get better at them. Punting to WW.

I am sorry if i posted this in the wrong section of the forum, could a moderator fix this for me, please?

Swedish people fighting. THE IRONY!

Swiss Non Confrontational IV

Fried Meatballs and Meaty Fireballs: COME GET A TASTE.