Name That Character!


I am a collector of many things street fighter. I was searching for some new SF comics at and came across this beauty. Street Fighter Power Foil #5. I have looked everywhere I know to look and still can’t come up with who this is. Google doesn’t have anything on it either. All it tells me at MCS is that its out of stock. Doesn’t say the name of the character just “holofoil edition” under variant. I want to say some kind of weird flipper blanka but that would be a stretch. Please someone tell me i’m just an idiot and the answer is right in front of me. I’m also too stupid to attach images to posts so theres that. But type it in google image and you’ll see what I mean. The green, orange finned creature. I can recognize all of the other characters on the other covers but this one eludes me. Thoughts?


It’s Chun-Li and Guile by Capcom and former SNK artist Shinkiro.



Does this work?


nope. I’m too dumb. Just google image search “power foil #5 Street Fighter” the first image that shows up in the top left.


I know what chun-li and guile look like and thats not either of them.


here we go. now I can name all of the people on these covers but #5.



There you go.


oh so it was a cross over. awesome. I’ve always liked the darkstalkers characters in MvC2 and 3 but I never really explored the game/story. don’t think I would mind starting a Darkstalkers comic collection. Thanks, Agustus. :slight_smile:


No that’s a foil for the Darkstalkers comic and not the Street Fighter comic. MCS messed up and has the wrong cover image there.

The actual holo cover for SF #5 is the Guile and Chun-Li one I pointed out.

There was no crossover and Darkstalkers have never graced any of the Street Fighter covers.

Either way I’m glad your question was answered and the character in question was identified.


Cool. Thanks, guys. I was really curious to find out what part of the SF series he was in. Turns out he is from a completely different game. Heres hoping for a cool crossover?!