Name that font

Does anyone know what font is used on the Madcatz TE stick below the turbo area?

heres a pic:

If anyone could find out what it is, or somehow give me a nice vector image or high res scan of the stick art itself i would be eternally greatful.

Cmon SRK i know you can do it!

(i have checked about 30 font sites and found one thats REALLY close but still not right)

looks similar to the old terminator lettering

pretty sure you could stretch it a little in photoshop

The font is “Abstract” or extremely similar… check for it.

Thanks for posting this though because I used this font yesterday and could not figure out wher I had seen it… until now…


also try identifont.

It is really close but the corners on the TE lettering are much more rounded less angular. I found a font just like this and tried but it looked just a bit wrong i suppose i could just do a Rasterize>add some pixels.

According to WhatTheFont it is Fronteer One or Fronteer Two but both of those are not free and i cannot find a free version. :wasted:

yup highly doubt you will find a free font on a licensed product. You may find it in someplaces if you know where to look, but it will not be available for download on a free font site.

Also, yes, that is Fronteer

that is the font used.

sadly, i knew the name of the font without even having to think twice. I’ve personally used this font for 2 websites and a multiple flyers for a local nightclub.

one thing to point out, is the font is slightly modified. myself and several other designers that I know modify fonts on a regular basis (even just slightly) to make it more unique.