Name that Joystick!


So I was at the laundromat the other day and noticed someone put in a Neo Geo MVS arcade cab. I had time to kill so I played some random shump and bubble bobble. What I noticed though is that the arcade stick didn’t feel like normal. It had a square gate and it felt like a Sanwa JLF with a little more tension (i.e. the joystick would snap back to neutral a lot faster). The microswitches also sounded similar. The buttons around it looked to be Happ concave.

Anyone have any idea of what stick this could be?


This is my guess:

But maybe its a sanwa with a bat top?


You know, this could be a pretty fun game for the forums


My initial guess was a JLF with a Bat-top, but the spring was definitely harder than any JLF I’ve ever used (something that I do like and would like to replicate). I don’t think it is a Happ stick because of the square gate.


I was going to guess Sanwa JLW with bat top but the mounting screws suggest Happ. Or maybe a knock-off?


I think that might be it:

If only I knew someone who had one so I could hands on confirm :frowning:


for me it is old
Wico Conical Joystick
first stick with battop and first stick with sqare actuator

use in SF2 cab - yes it is first US stick for this game (not Ultimate), MK1 (MK2?), and old MVS:) (new use Compact/Super joystick)
very rare (1year production?)
next ver. this joystick is WICO Conical Joystick with improved actuator (floating actuator)

and Conical base use WICO P360.