Name That SF Player!

Anybody know the name of that kid that wears one glove and acts out the Ultra animations? That dude is a trip! :rofl:



It’s Juicebox Abel! (Who puts their character in their name?)

I think… (or that what they tell me… the actual name is but seriously no wonder no one calls him by that I mean who does that!)

thread sucks… :coffee:

It sucks so bad that you felt the need to take time out of your meaningful life to contribute to it. Makes sense…

Oh no it’s okay I don’t mind. It’s freaking Sunday and the thread sucks doesn’t mean you suck. I made plenty of sucky threads before myself.

Actually my sucky thread to good thread ratio is like 10 sucky to 1 good.

ive never seen this cat before. post a video of him.

The only street fighter players I could name are the few that come over to my house to play. I dont pay attention to tournaments and such. I tried to watch evo one year but all that was on the screen were to dumb shits at a table and some sauve lookin’ pimp dude in the backround.


hahahahahahaha funny stuff

Um, yeah… you’re an idiot. As a matter of fact, my IQ has dropped a few points initiating these posts with you. I guess I was just intrigued by the lameness of your avatar and the fact that you might be Juicebox using an alt account.

Fuck off if you don’t like this thread. Problem solved.

im still depressed theres no actual footage of scumbad actually throwing the stick

Here you go


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that pretty much automatically makes ckrazy right

Man what a shitty thread. Now I’m behind on all of my very important life tasks but this HAD to be said.

Who the fuck are you

Daigo Umehara.

You know, I am the worst troll on SRK. Someone once told me it was impossible for me to troll anyone. I guess you are officially my first victim.

Also I am not the idiot you are. You came to GD asking a question and that no one in GD cares about. Then you get mad? Damn next time I walk into IHOP remind me to order some egg rolls. :tup:

What is that Daigo vs Chokerboi vid doing here. Anyway it would be awesome if Scumbag comes back from this and wins EVO next year. His Blanka is solid its just that Abel is such a bullshit character. I get pissed off when I lose to them also.

Goddamn this thread sucks. I want the 20 seconds it took me to close it back.