Name things that we could to to improve the scene

Just in general, anything.

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By getting naked on a swing set with pine oil in our left hand.

Shrink the US so it’s easier to get to other comp.

Recruit more gamers to play fighting games competitively.

Good press.

I think the only thing that could reallly change the scene would be a new standard in high speed internet and some really nice netcode.

  • More videos for more games, people like ranbat vids and junk.

  • More constructive less destructive when it comes to criticisms. Not going to mention names but the “you’re terrible”, that match was “bad” type responses that sometimes show up aren’t all that helpful. It’s cool to say you think the guy isn’t a good player but a why, and what he could do to improve works way better.

  • More tournaments and events on local levels. If more places had weeklies, or bi-weeklies that would create a place for players to establish friends in the scene and just make it much more fun. A lot of people who would play don’t necessarily travel for tournaments and stuff out of state, so working locally could help.

  • Embrace more communities. You’ve got the chance to make some crossover gamers by embracing DOA and SSBM players, regardless of what you personally think of their games. Not to mention who knows, you could also find out that you like those games too.

How about starting to play other games rather than the ones that everyone’s been playing the last 7 years?

There doesn’t have to be anything else posted after this. After all, you got potentially good players living in the most rural areas and they have no access to comp.

And this too.


Well for you guys in the states I think you need to expand your scene locally. Thats the only way the whole scene in general will improve. Grab every mofo you see in the arcade playing 3s, XI, etc and set up some ranbats.

More people playing the fighters that interest them and less people’s choice of fighters being determined by what everyone else plays.

Less people who get mad at losing and less people who act like the fighting game scene is the new mainstream cRap or something.

Example: [media=youtube]ty7VUjGiGoA[/media]

More arcades that support the genre.

More publicized events.

ESPN every year usually has this Madden TV show contest,where all of these really good players are riding a bus around the United States playing Madden,and whoever loses gets off the bus.

They could so something similar to that,except with 3rd Strike or Marvel vs Capcom 2.


I can imagine it now. Turning on ESPN and watching Buk’s Hibiki or Combofiend’s Rolento’s highlights.

A magazine along the lines of Arcadia Magazine would work for us. Something for the community that really gets the name out there.

Granted, everyone here comes to SRK for their tourney fix, but what about the others that don’t post here? That magazine would definitely help them out and keep them in the know rather than having to make contact with their fellow players to know the latest info and shit.

Just my $0.02 for something else to help out.


BoringRyu is right and thus is the aim of my SNK campaign…widen your horizons.

If we expect more to come in and the fighting genre to grow then we also have to be willing to grow and change as well.

If we dont change also then we are being hypocritical.


Also,something that makes fighting games seem cooler.Everybody that is great at videogames doesn’t have to wear thick 4 inch rimmed glasses and be fat.

The EoA picks up alot of slack,but I do like what they are doing.At least trying to make it look like playing videogames can be cool and fun.