Name this arcade stick


can anyone help me identity this arcade joystick?


looks custom to me.

Poor color choices though.


Looks like an X-Arcade with new buttons/control panel.


ummm looks like a custom job
thinking its a sanwa stick ( or seimitsu) and sanwa buttons


just got a email for the seller and

Street Fighter 4 Arcade Control Stick-Made by Sanwa-PS3&XBOX360

Street fighter 4 exclusive arcade controle stick made by sanwa from japan
with with 8 buttons

think its worth 120$ cdn?




Hori made the Japanese SF4 sticks and they looked nothing like that.

What are those big holes in the sides?


Not x-arcade, their buttons do not slope like that. They use a straight across style. Looks like whoever built it used the shape of the x-arcade panel and then did their own drilling for the buttons.

If it has a PCB in there then I’d say it’s worth $120.


That’s definitely custom. The art looks like it was printed at a low res and the top three buttons aren’t straight. I’m also not sure what those two holes are. Not a bad deal for that price.


looks like Arcade in a Box style…

Seriously though, bad bad color choices!


I will name it Doug.


SF stick original, it’s a custom. The dude is yanking your chain, it’s not worth the price.


“Made by Sanwa” is obviously referring to the parts themselves and not the entire arcade stick.


It has to be a custom. The 3rd button up top is off center, and the random holes for no reason are just uncalled for.


Definately has the Arcade-in-a-box shape. You can choose between Japanese (curved) button layout or US layout (2 straight rows)

(random stick)


But it’s not.


It has an X-arcade shape, but the joystick is positioned too low and there aren’t enough buttons on it. I’ve got an original X-arcade single player unit here to compare.


Arcade in a Box has never done work that crappy. Please don’t associate him with that POS.


lol why is there empty holes on the top left and right?


That’s an easter SF stick. Goddamn those colors.