Name this cab.

I went to an arcade auction the other day. It was sort of a self-torture thing because I didn’t have any money I could spend. Needless to say I didn’t stick around for the actual bidding, just the preview. I was hoping to see a candy cab mixed amongst the wooden beasts but all I saw was this…

What the heck is this? Who made it? Jaleco? Irem? I have no idea. It’s not the Mark II-IV. Maybe the Mark I? Maybe its the first Sega City! Maybe it’s nothing. I figured I would give you guys first crack at it before I try Killercabs. The game in the cab was “Eggs Playing Chicken”. The cab itself looked a little modified with the light on top.

That does look a lot like an early Jaleco cabinet. Not sure about the model though. I have seen other Jaleco’s with the very angular appearance and the largish control panel area.

I’d say it’s a bastardized SNK MVS-U4 cabinet…

^^ding was going to say that

There is an arcade by my work, that actually has one of those. You are supposed to press the button to stop from crashing, I think it gives out tickets. Really sad to know that it may have been an MVS cab.

I’d call it…ugly.:wtf::wtf:

Mayhem wins!
Here is a link I found while at work…
I never knew just how many neo cabs there were.

I was talking to a friend about that game. We both decided that once you have put a quarter in…you lose.

I should have stuck around and bought the cab for the $2 it probably sold for. I would have returned it to its former glory. Ah well, maybe next time.

^ fuck that you’re the carpenter master just make one… make a viewlix cab so everyone could drool at it lol

Yeah, MVS cabs are hacked apart all the time. More often, other cabs are converted to be MVS machines. I had a dedicated 4-slot gold cab, but I ended up selling it to one of the graphic artists for Harmonix in Cambridge. I don’t suppose I’ll ever buy another cabinet, but I did fulfill a life-long dream in owning one.

And now, back on track, you thread.