Name Your Team + Team You Fear

So basically, I want you to name your main team, and give us a brief summany on why you choose to use them. If you have more than one main team, list them all. Then, name a team that you HATE seeing together, and tell us why. (For now, a team you think you WILL hate facing since the game hasn’t released yet).

My Team: Vega/Jin - They’re my mains on each respective games; I’m simply bringing them together. No other specific reason, besides thet fact that Vega looks sick on this game, and so does Jin.

Team I Fear: Ryu/Ken - For the simple fact I know this team will be overused, and the shit I’ve seen in trailers and matches with these two bastards together looks annoying and troublesome. They’ll give me issues I’m sure.

My team: Xiaoyu/King
Xiaoyu was my first ever main for a fighting game back in Tekken 3 so I play her whenever she’s around. King partially because El Fuerte isn’t in, but he looks motherfucking awesome (as he should) so he’s a perfect replacement.

Team I Fear: Bison/Law
Always had trouble with Bison. Then there’s Law with that damn flip. I remember that thing too well from Tekken 3.

Main Team: Cammy/Kazuya(Lars if he’s DLC) - Cammy is my favorite SF character, as well as my main in the SF4 series. Kazuya is a placeholder for Lars(my main in T6) but, I did play him in T6 and I really like his design/style in this game.

Sub Team: Asuka/Lili - More characters I play in T6, nothing more.

Team I Fear: Hugo/Zangief - I can already tell this is going to be all over the place. This is a 360 masher’s Dream Team lol. Considering the characters I plan on playing(close-range, no fireball), I’m gonna have a lot of trouble with them.

My Team: Bison/???. Bison because he’s my main in SFFIV. As for my partner… I’m really going to have to play the game, and see who clicks. I don’t play Tekken either, so I don’t have a main from that side I can go to form the get-go.

Team I Fear: Ryu/Ken, Ryu/Akuma, or Ken/Akuma. Simply because these three (along with evil Ryu and Oni,) are so overused already in SSFIV, to the point where most of my matches last night consisted of just these same Shoto’s. And given the amount of new players that will likely pick this game up, we’ll more then likely be seeing not just Shoto’s by the dozen, but bad Shoto-*players *by the dozen.

I also somewhat fear Kazuya/Jin, Kazuya/Heihachi, and Jin/Heihachi, (Add Lars when he comes around,) simply because they may well be the most often-used characters on the Tekken side. Considering the sheer size of this game’s roster, (43 for starters, 55 later on,) it’d be nice if we saw a variety of characters commonly used, as opposed to the same-old, same-old. But that may well be wishful thinking…

My team: Juri and Yoshimitsu or Hwoarang

Team I fear: Bison and Vega. D:

My Team: Zangief and Rufus
I was really not impressed with the pairing before but the team intro totally changed my mind. If they weren’t a canon pair I’d probably pick someone over Rufus though.

Other Team: Heihachi/Zangief
I do like the look of some Tekken characters and Heihachi seems pretty decent from what I’ve seen so far. I’d like to stick him with Kuma but no one’s that positive about him.

Team I Fear: Hugo/Sagat
Hugo looks really frightening on the streams and fighting a character with the same health (or possibly even more) always feels like an uphill struggle. If Hugo’s paired with another high health character this is going to be a very painful match-up for Zangief.
Without Seth in the game, Sagat will be my most dreaded character. Those endless fireballs will not be fun.

My team: Chun-Li and Lili.
Chun is my main character in SSF4 and I’m not too bad with her. She is also my favorite female SF character.
And the same can be said about Lili. She is my main in the Tekken series.
The thigh queen will start on point because of her very good normals. And Lili will be the secret weapon waiting in the back for the combos.

Team I fear: Kazuya and Rolento.
Both of these guys are so scary, because of the mobility and the high damage output.

Main Teams:
Poison/Cammy - Definitely the team I will use right away. Poison’s fireball has some good uses, for zoning or tricking opponents to jump. Power gems will make up for her damage output. While I haven’t seen a lot of coverage on Cammy, she was my main in SFIV and I always liked her rush down style.

Rolento/Lili - Rolento was my main back in the Alpha series. Lili was one of my mains from Tekken and I’m interested in how she will play on a 2D plane.

Teams I Fear:
Ryu/Ken/Akuma Variance - Despite the diversity of the roster, I dread this will be every online fight.
Hugo/Zangief - Grapplers seem to have a lot of advantages in the game. These two have a lot of reach, and with the right gems can become a scary pair with high damage output.

Main Team(s):
Ibuki/Cammy - My two favorite female characters from SF, also my two mains from SF4.
Ibuki/Rolento - Having a themed team would be awesome, and Rolento is one of my fav SF characters as well and my main in CVS2. Love footsie/pressure characters.

Other Characters I wanna try: Poison, Julia, Steve, King, Kazuya, Asuka, Nina, and Yoshi.

Team(s) I fear:
Hugo/Zangief - The damage potential in this team looks to be really high. Power Gems plus Hugo combos seems really scary.

Main team: Ibuki/Xiaoyu

My favourite characters/designs in Street Fighter/Tekken. Even though I’m still trying to figure Ibuki out, I’m willing to work pretty hard. I have tried other Street Fighter characters, but they just bore me. Xiaoyu on the other hand, I really enjoy using her in Tekken. I learned how to go into her stances very quickly and while I’m not great at juggling, she is just such a blast to use. I’d be using her no matter what. I really hope these two can work well together.

Teams I fear? It’s not really teams I fear at the moment, but characters. Especially since the MvC3 series is more of what I’ve been playing with, I don’t have too much experience against overused characters like the shotos, Sagat, Rufus etc. It’s going to be a lot to overcome, that’s for sure.

Main Team: Marduk/Akuma

Team I Fear: None really yet. But Hugo/Zangief looks pretty intense.

Who I use :

Vega/Zangief -my main and alt from

Who I will explore:
Vega/Raven (the only tekken character that has my interest)

Who I fear: Tekken characters because of the unfamiliarity with them. Dhalsim and Sagat have me concerned a little because that’s a very good zoning team.

Other than that nothing seems that bad
As far as match ups goSent from my HTC Evo 3D using tapatalk.

I’ll be using nina/chun/lilli and them xaiyou

I’m.scared of any Hugo team

Main: Vega/Juri Han

Feared: None. Bring it on.

Day 1 main: Hugo/King. I’m a grappler player, and I’m quite impressed what they seem to be able to do already.

Feared: Raven looks scary. I’m gonna consider using him+Ogre, the “I miss Seth” team.

Hugo and Gief are a popular Fear Team. Only reason I don’t fear Hugo and Gief is because I can fly around them and use Vega’s speed. Jin is pretty powerful, so I just have to learn how to strike and move out. Learn his strong pokes and learn the proper spacing. Ken and Ryu are versatile though, their uppercuts shut down anything Vega is thinking about doing. I’ll have to learn how Jin plays against them, but their versatility in a game like this is frightening.

Main: Juri/Lili (atleast until Lee gets put in, if he ever does…)

Feared: Rolento/Hugo


I fear nobody >:3

I don’t want to run into any raven dhalsim teams, hate facing run away.

when I first saw the final roster I wanted to run yoshi and vega but I hear yoshi is like joke tier character now :(.

Now I’m thinking about steve and vega instead, but i will be in the lab with yoshi daily till I figure out how to make him decent.

Team I will use: King/Hugo or King/Abel
I like grapplers…what can I say?

That and the fact that King has been my favourite Tekken character since Tekken 3(Mainly because my dumbass thought his jaguar mask was actually his real face) and Hugo because the guy looks fucking awesome in this game both aesthetically and as a character. He looks like a goddamn giant, and those combos and raw damage man…

Also helps that King is actually good.

Characters I will fear are those that can put on crazy pressure. So far this looks like Kaz/Law/Raven/Ken/Claw