Names for different teams

What are the colloquial names for teams - these I know:

MSP - Mag/Stor/Psy
MSS - Mag / Storm / Sent
Scrub - Cab / Sent / Commando

Santhrax - ?
Others - ?

wiki…i do not like green eggs and ham, nor do i like the 150s rule of waiting b/w posts which was initially introduced to prevent spam :frowning:

thrax is storm/sent/commando

row - mag cable sent
matrix - storm sent cyclops
team z doom juggernuts tbonne
clockwork strider sentinel doom
duc spiral cable sentinel
watts blackheart sentinel commando

the rest you dont need to know.


However, that hasn’t stopped me from naming my teams.

Blue Bomber Squad - Mega Man, Tron Bonne, Roll/Servbot.
Reason?: The ‘Blue Bomber’ is what Protoman calls Mega Man on the TV show. And, seeing as how the squad comprises only of characters from the Mega Man games, well…put two and two together.

Metalocalypse - Omega Red, Silver Samurai, Sentinel.
Reason?: Carbonadium, Silver and Steel, all united to do one thing…KILL.

The above as well as:
Jesus - Mag/Cable/Doom
Scrub - Sent/Cable/CapCom
Scrub-clops - Sent/Cable/Cyke
Combofiend - Mag/Iron Man/Sent
Mitsu - Iron Man/Storm/Cable
MSS <Team America> - Magneto/Storm/Sent
MIP - Mag/IM/Psylocke
Mag/Sent/CapCom - Static

MST also…

the OP mentioned scrub and mss, btw

wat bout the teams below:

IM/Cable/Doom, the real name none of this team illan crap cuz its an old japanese team!

Didnt realize that lol…don’t forget MSCyke…that team has MADD potential!!