Names you just don't trust


Weird topic, but it’s something that just crossed my mind.

There are certain names that I’ll hear people introduce themselves as, and I almost unquestioningly don’t like or distrust that person, for no other reason that their first name strikes a chord with me.

One said name is Peggy. I hear that name and immediately have a problem with a person by that name. One of my managers at my last job was named that, and I immediately distrusted her, then she actually proved herself not to be trusted. And after dealing with her, I thought back and almost anyone I met with this name was untrustworthy.

I also had a problem with the name Brandon. I’ve met some exceptions since, but I had problems with several people growing up named Brandon, so it was just a name that immediately struck a chord with me for a long time.

So what names do you have that just turn you off from certain people? On the obverse, what names actually warm you up to certain people faster?


anybody named Nick is swag and based

anybody with a black name can dance

anybody with an asian name is ching chong chang

anybody with a spanish name can cook rice real well

anybody with a russian name likes to drink

yep, i think i covered all my bases :slight_smile:


No need to think about this for me.

It’s not discrimination if you hate everyone!


Oh dear God, this could get my thread locked within one reply.

I now distrust anyone named Nick.


I dont trust anyone with any name.


I can’t take people named Gaylord seriously


anyone named kim or park must have slanty eyes


XD I actually dont have a predisposition towards any names except for Molly, as that is the name of my evil baby’s mom and has ruined it for any Molly i ever meet from here til the end of time


Congratulations, your poor placement of adjectives has me now imagining your seed as the source of Lil Satan.


I always warm up to other people who spell their names “Jon” when it isn’t short for Jonathon. Strangely very few were of scandanavian descent and afaik neither am I.




A girl named Brianna, to me, is a liar. Or just someone who blatantly ignores you and not other people. My two cents.


Mostly just internet handles that I dont trust. Handles like Missing Person, NickGuy0320, Arachnofiend, Joshkaz, Stark, and Ouroborus. For some reason I just cant trust people with handles like this. You know what I mean?

I also dont trust people that have internet handles spelled in all caps.


anyone named cody sucks dick



I don’t trust anyone that’s named after a car or a fruit. Started by meeting random chicks named Mercedes, Alexus (no bullshit), Porschia, and Peaches.


but i once knew a guy who’s name was chang jong jing. how do you explain that?

  • names that starts with a B (Bubba,Bill,Bobby,Ben)
  • Anyone with two first names/two last names
  • Any name that sounds ghetto as fuck (Tikifauna comes to mind, seriously, who the fuck would name their child Tikifauna.)


I have less problems trusting the people with ghetto names than I do trusting their parents for giving them a stupid name.




I dont trust anyone with same first and last name.

I am not getting on the same plane with achmed achmed :shake: