Games section Closed (permanently?)


Anyone else greatly saddened by Gunter closing down the games section on his site?
I think a lot of people are really going to miss the stuff on his site, especially the new frame data that was added in the latest updates. After all, I think that the frame data listings for basically all the “important” characters in CvS2, as well as a few extras, would have had a tremendous effect on the more “casual” players. I personally had a discussion with players in my area concerning what was safe, and what linked and whatnot, and the greatest resource I had at my disposal in these arguments was the data that Gunter had painstakingly compiled.

Anyways, I think it’d be a real shame if all of the work that Gunter put into the site, finding the best CC’s (with revisions to optimize them as much as possible) as well as the detailed painstakingly compiled frame data guide was completely lost to the CvS2 community.

Therefore, I would ask Gunter to reconsider closing down his site, or at the very least, give people the chance to preserve some of your work (like a few days before the section is closed permanently). The conclusion that it doesn’t pay to be nice to gamers, seems to have been inspired by a run in with the proverbial few rotten eggs. I’m sure that the grand majority of people here greatly appreciate Gunter’s work, and I know that I respect his posts and opinions greatly, simply because he’s done SO much for the community. And I’m sure many others feel the same way. While I’m newly registered at the Shoryuken forums, I’ve spent a great deal of time here reading the various threads in the CvS2 section of the forums, as well as a few threads in the general fighting games forum. Therefore, my thanks and gratitude towards Gunter for making many informative posts, as well as taking the time to point out the flaws in a many a scrubs arguments has gone completely unvoiced.

Therefore, if this really is the end of the games section of the site, then I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Gunter for all the work he put into the site, for making the “What you can do with your A-groove” videos, for attempting to compile the frame data from the CvS2 guidebook. While it greatly saddens me that the site will be closing, it would be at best ungrateful to merely demand that Gunter keep the site open, or to demand that we be given a chance to preserve the carefully formatted frame data tables on his site. After all, the site IS Gunter’s own work, and was a gift, a present to any CvS2 player. A gift is exactly that, it is given freely and can be taken back freely as well.

No matter what happens, I would like to extend a hats off to Gunter and let him know that I do appreciate his contribution to the CvS2 community, and that his site and work will be sorely missed. As the old saying goes, “you don’t know what you have, until you lose it.”

In closing, I would like to let Gunter know that I hold a great deal of respect for him, that his constructive criticism is appreciated, and that if nothing else, I, if not the community as a whole, DO care and appreciate what you’ve done, and that gamers as a whole, are not unreasonable, and may very well be worth being nice to. Even if you don’t know it, even if you never hear it, what you do and have done is appreciated by many who you’ll never know, like myself.



I know rotten eggs leave a bad taste in your mouth, but damn!

What can I say that WraithCo hasn’t already? :frowning:


that stuff was tyte.

ggpo to that.


Thanks, but no thanks. I’m done.

I know a lot of ppl have the book in their hands… kcxj posted a few characters’ pertinent frame data, maybe he will continue. As for me, I’m fed up with everything. Fuck games, fuck gamers, fuck the world.



Sorry to hear you say that, but thanks, because your site made me a better player, on the real. You also inspired me to play A Hibiki. Thanks, and peace.


hey gunter- r u still going to b around to answer ppls qs? obviously u know a lot about the game, and im just getting started-only got to see the site a couple times… just curious
and thanx for all the stuff uve done to help out gamers over the years- i just wish i could have gotten my hands on those vids b4 u closed that section :lol:


Strong words, Gunter … you don’t have to answer this, but what happened that made you take down the game section?

Also, your content was great, its a big loss for it to be non-existant. With your permission I’d gladly host the files, as I’m sure many others would. Either way, thanks for having that site to begin with, it was very helpful.


"Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I try to offer constructive criticism, and people make personal attacks on me. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth it to be nice to gamers. So I took down the whole game section of my site and replaced the button to the games section with a button to this page. My new motto is “Fuck The World” - basically, if you don’t like it, I don’t care because I’m only in this damn country for a few more months and then I’m going home to Japan.

Have a nice day."

-Gunter’s Xanga

Aw that sux that people dis you for helping. I hope that you think that not ALL OF US ARE IDIOTS, and that we are very greatful for those sick CCs and frame data. I know how you feel when you give out help, and get nothing back, just hate. Hope everything works out between you and your conflicts.



damn dog no need to fold up,“Fuck gamers”-you need to snap out of this whiney shit,alot of ppl enjoyed your comments,some didn’t,get over it


good at least hes leaving


i’m seeing a lot of this going on lately…on my hompage at a lot of our players are leaving as well. Too bad. But we can’t really change their minds. Gunter thanks for your vids and knowledge it was really good while it lasted. Watching your vids inspired me to play A groove. Now i’m starting my own site similar to yours. Kind of the same format. But mostly just vids and stuff. once again thanks again Gunter. hopefully you don’t have this bull shit in japan…which by the way hopefully i’ll see u in Jland next year. peace


hmm i guess gunter has a point with the “fuck gamers” thing. if people aren’t going to respect him, why bother helping?

well for what it’s worth, i really apprieciated the namonaki site, but i never said anything cuz i rarely play A groove. i regret it not saying anything now.


have you ever actually met gunter in real life? guys a complete ass to non svgl people :\


oh okay, well i’ll take back using your post as my quote then. well…whatever fuck it…i don’t really care that much, i’m not an A groove player anyways. but i do know that a lot of people would play/or would like to play A groove still wish his site was up.


i still like your site gunter, as long as there are girlie pics on it :slight_smile:


Thank you.


Namonaki = hours of fun on console trying out the customs that Gunter had there :slight_smile:

Just do whatever makes you happy man, and if some people don’t appreciate what you did to help out the scene, then fuck them. Thanks for the site.


Bring it back for a while

i was thining that id there was a way that you could just bring back the frame data for at least a week just so people could copy it down… i know this sounds selfish but i have frequented your site for months and months and i was so happy when you put up the frame data but i never got a chance to copy it down.

thank you soo much


since when was he nice to gamers? he’s always been an asshole in real life as far as i remember (and hear), and this was way back from so cal.

oh well. good to see people actually miss him.


i agree, but the website was helpful.