Nani's Q playing style in 3 minutes reading

Whether or not any of you will agree with any of the things I write below, there is one thing that I am certain about Q : the Red (mk) outfit looks the best.

As many of you have seen in Streak and Slim’s Q videos, Q has two deadly weapons in his arsenal. One being C&DB, and two being random SA1. Well his taunt is useful yes, but that’s kinda obvious.

Anyways, I’ll head straight into my Q-tips (cheesy pun!).

Here are a few quick notes to refresh your memories :

-3 Taunts will halfen the damage taken by Q. Hearing the ‘stomp’ sound is indication that the taunt was successful.

-anti-airs : Strong/Fierce slappy hands, away + strong, standing jab, and sometimes crouching strong

-Claw of Doom looks cool

-Q can afford to trade hits. Especially after taunts

-most of his moves have low priority

-random SA1 will win you many matches :evil:

None of the below listed are ‘combos’ combos, so to speak. Just some stuff to throw in for mix-ups. The Newbie’s Guide to Q thread has most of the straight-up stuff for Q.

My favorite set-up for C&DB is Claw of Doom (jump-in jab) > standing short (blocked or not) > forward C&DB.

-C&DB > Ex Rush > away + strong (reset) > Overhead Rush (blocked) xx SA1 as soon as they try to punish the blocked Overhead Rush > Taunt

-(Against wall) C&DB > Overhead Rush > standing strong (reset) > C&DB again

-meaty away + roundhouse > Taunt. It’s a gamble in your favor, most of the time. Most.

-jumping away from jumping opponent and forward kick > charge back and do overhead rush as he lands and block xx delayed SA1

-(Against wall) meaty standing forward > jab slappy hands and then Ex slappy hands to chip him :eek:

-Roundhouse C&DB > Taunt. Twice. I know this sounds dangerous but it’s worth doing it early in a round. Make sure they’ll low on guage though :confused:

-whore the Slappy Hand.

Not everyone plays the same way, and different arcades have people at different skill levels. My Q playing style scored me some success at my local place, good luck to those who’ll try it elsewhere!

Those supers are rarely random.

Black Q owns Red Q

Bah, everyone knows Oscar Q is the best.

To stay on-topic, doesn’t each taunt increase his stamina by 20% of the original amount?

And a question, can Japanese Q players cancel his dash punch into super on reaction? I see them get it a lot if it connects, and never see them do it if it’s blocked.


Japanese? Bah! I can do it easily, and Streak does it better than I do.

Yeah, the taunt gives him something like 22% more defense or something. I seem to recall 167% being the final amount.

I beg to differ. Short-kick “Moonwalker” Q is the toppest of tiers.



nah. Dick Tracy Q (strong punch) owns all :lol:.

I found a piece of paper where i figured out Q’s actual defense numbers. I don’t remember what combo/super I used so okay, here it is anyway.

From the mystery combo Q takes:
No Taunt: 63 dmg 100% Defense
1 Taunt: 52 dmg 121% Defense (+21)
2 Taunts: 46 dmg 136% Defense (+15)
3 Taunts: 36 dmg 175% Defense (+39)

As you can see, the 3rd taunt gives the largest defense boost, so don’t stop at 2! The 3rd taunt is more defense up than 1 and 2 combined.

Damn, I never knew the third taunt gave so much defense. Another case of me lazily believing everyone else who says each taunt is identical, instead of bothering to test it myself.

Thx for the info.

Damn, thanks for dropping the info Karathrow ppl. Didn’t realize how the taunts were either, good to know!

And yeah, I’d never actually tried dash punch into super, now I see you guys are right. If only Alex’s dashing elbow could be that easy…ah well.

One more thing for me to contribute:

Charge partition actually has a use with Q! Simple one, but haven’t seen anything on this here before.

Basically, just backdash then immediately dash punch. Disguise your intentions by throwing out a jab first or something. You can also do two consecutive backdashes, the time they take just happens to fit right in with the required charge partition time.

This is good because you might get lucky with it and punish a whiff or interrupt something, in which case you can do said easy-ass hit confirm into super, all with (usually) no risk. :slight_smile:


Ballerina back dash is top tier.

down+roundhouse face-first dropkick is top tier.

clumsy hook

( standing-strong )

is top tier …

foot smash

(crouch-fierce )

also top tier

I am just curious, can Q’s rush punch be punished if blocked (not parried)? Ken’s kick super maybe?

Too bad Q dosen’t have the extra console colors. Start

  • FP (L) owns all.

The dash punch is pretty safe. You don’t have much to worry about if it gets blocked.

And the murderous red bloodbot (forward) is obviously the best.

I thought everyone would be all over the ground-pound. Crouching HP.

Q remind me of a Ass kickin inspector gadget.

Too bad he cant use is tie to fly :smiley:

iv always wanted a q combo vid to the inspector gadget theme

What is C. FP good for? I find no uses, im not saying there aren’t but im having a tough time incorporating this into my game.

Also I play fairly defensive lots of rush punch, and spacing (back jump FK if connect taunt)

Is this a good way to play? I usually wait for a good time to parry and then punish accordingly, sometimes throwing out random CDB, and using B.Strong & B.FK to punish air attempts. FP slappy hands doesnt seem to EVER work for me & i get good damage from the first two.

I also use quite bit of S.Forward to poke.

Sound pretty normal?