Naomi Board Question

Is any body here familiar with the Arcade boards for a Naomi Cabinet?

Here is my question I just bought Project Justice from ebay -

And I want to put it in my Marvel cabinet pictured here.

Do i just remove the screws from the Marvel cartridge and put it the Project Justice one like I would a Super Nintendo game?

Will all my Unlockable characters and colors from Marvel get deleted if i make the switch?

I heard a lot of talk on here regarding the suicide batterys for CPS boards do i have to worry about that for these Naomi games?

Any help with these would be greatly appreciated.

you wont lose your characters on mvc2. and yes, you just switch carts out. even if you lose characters on mvc2, you can input like 4 codes to get them all back in a couple minutes, easily

No, while there have been other boards that have used it also in the past, the only notably boards that used suicide batteries are Capcom CPS boards.

Go to for more Naomi info.

Thanks guys you really helped out a lot.


So how big are those Naomi “cartridges”? And they’re plug&play like a cart game system?