Naomi boards and CvS2

Okay I need a few answers cause I can’t find any on the internet.

  1. How do Naomi boards work? LAYMAN’s terms as I am NOT tech savvy. Some Naomi’s have cartridges, some have discs. My CPS3 SF3: Third Strike uses both at the same time so I am confused.

  2. Does the CvS2 Naomi board need a cartridge, game GD rom, and the security chip? Or is it just the GD Rom and security chip?

Basically, If I get a Naomi GD Rom set up, what do I need to run CvS2?

Help me out plz!

Most of your questions can be answered here.

  1. CPS3 is its own type of hardware designed by Capcom. Naomi is a completely separate beast, designed by Sega that uses a gd-rom or carts.

  2. If you buy a CvS2 set up, you will need the gd-rom disc and the security chip (assuming you already have a Naomi motherboard). The chip must come with the game disc, otherwise it is not worth your time. You must already have the dimm, gd-rom + SCSI cable, gd-rom power supply, AND the Capcom I/O. The I/O allows you to hook up your Naomi to your JAMMA cabinet. Everything goes through the JAMMA connector, just like your CPS3 board.

Hopefully that answers some of your questions, but seriously read that faq.

Thanks Pablo. appreciate it!

You can also go the flash cart route no shitty gd-rom to worry about or you can net boot too.

how does flash cart work?