Naomi "mini" cab worklog: Updated design

Hi guys, after months thinking about making my second custom cab, im gonna start this project.

The main reason for choose this design is the thin profile that it has, second reason is some space issues in my current home, theres no much space left for something bigger, so i think that this will fit great anywere, and the best part is that i love this cab shape, super cool imho.

For those who dont know how this cab shape is, take a look at this pics

I had already some desings made, and one crappy mockup in google sketch up

the first characterists that i want are:

-slim design, no more than 50 cm between front and back
-not too small, but not tall either, over 1,30 should be fine
-detachable and over 50 cm wide one player control panel
-easy to assemble / dismantle

Ill use an old 4:3 17" lcd monitor and al old P4 barebone, but i plan to make it easy to upgrade with minor changes, the main construction will be made of mdf and pine wood.


I bought some days ago the pine wood to make the main sides of this cab, i choose pine because is cheap, easy to work with, comes in various sizes and is hard enough to make a good structure.

Ill use curvy tables (used for make base boards) to make the main shape of the side pieces , and doing it this way ill no need to use a router.

Pine for the main structure and base board tables to make the shape

Gluing the tables in his place

Second table

Helo wants to join the wood party

Now them need to dry before i can cut then in angle.

Ill update this thread as soon as i can continue with the woodwork (need to buy the mdf)

Cool! Looking forward to seeing this develop.

Sub’d looks good. Stay motivated dude.:woot:

Thanks for the encouragement, i will need tons of it :sweat:

Looks very interesting. It’s refreshing to see a non-Vewlix custom cabinet. :slight_smile:

Well, some scratch designs about the main structure, when i have some time ill add some comments.

Great stuff! Did you use Sketchup for the last set of plans or something else?

I must admit that i suck at google sketch up, this plans are made wit microsoft paint :rofl:

Edit: imthinking riight now about the measurements of the main box, when i finish with the maths part ill go to buy the mdf (19 mm thick, i need the main box to be solid) and pine wood for the legs too.

I’m not a big fan of the naomi cabnets, but I like your concept and I look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

Have you picked a color scheme ? or gonna do an homage to the dreamcast ?
(i know its super early in your build but I’m a jump to conclusions kinda guy)

Any chance I could convince you to use Net City livery instead?

just about to say this.

very cool either way though :tup:

  • Sketchup is definitely easier than paint. You may just need to go through a tuturial. :slight_smile:

Sketchup has the added advantage of letting you actual print dimensions and rotate the model. Plus, you can create other objects and place them for size reference. Which was invaluable to me when I was trying to figure out what kind of speaker stands and speakers to get.

Well, i had a few ideas, but everything will be decided when i choose the art for the control panel, now i had two main options, the first one is the original scheme, black/yellow/orange with the naomi logo for the control panel and white/metallic gray for the cab, second option is to use astrocity design for the contol panel and maybe a black/gray scheme for the cab.

You may try :rofl:

Ok, ill try in a future.

Thanks buddy.

Yeah, i know, sketchup is more powerful and cool to make 3d designs, because spacial rotations, size control, etc, but i need to practice with it.

Need to search for a good tutorial.

Talking again about the project, i ordered today the mdf pieces, the poor guy of the wood shop almost cries when he saw all the pieces that i want lol, tomorrow morning ill go to get them.

Minor update today, i already have the mdf pieces at home, later i will add an scheme with the measurements

Tomorrow i plan to make the main box structure, both sides, back and down pieces, and maybe mount the screen main frame.

Thinking about the general design of the main box, i realized that will need more ventilation, because it has none lol…i had an idea about that, use metal grid to add a window to the main upper door.

I bought a set of 2.1 speakers too

Those are tiny and with a cool design, i think they will fit great in the cab, i need to modify the main design because they will be atached this way

Still no idea about which color scheme will be better, choose this will be harder than i thought

Edit: Woops! **tectangular **speakers at sight, people beware!!

Looking forward to seeing what colour scheme you’re going to go for.

Now you have the wood cut, I’m hoping to see this take some shape soon!

WOW!! This is the most beautiful cab IMO!!

Take a look here for inspiration, but I suposse you already know this build:

Also, take a look at this thread (I need to update it, so many new custom candy builds…)

Good luck! And remember to take lots of photos of the construction, we will appreciate it

Yeah man, me too.

Hope everything ends well :lol:

Whoa, thanks KabaL, first time i see that develop, looks so damn useful to get info!

Ok, lets get it on

After checking all the mdf pieces measurements, i decided to start with the easiest part to mount, the screen frame.

The first thing to do, was mark the drilling points, and drill the holes of course with an countersunk drilling bit

Time for the wood glue

In a few minutes the frame was ready.

After mounting the frame, i started with the main box, i needed to cut both side pieces with the right shape so i decided that the best way to do that were stick them and cut them together

Side pieces were ready, with a soft sanding in the edges, and the holes already done,
only mounting to do…and a few screws later this was the result

And after cutting the side legs, was the time for a little “preview”

I realized some mistakes in my design, first of all, the structure, i think that just the side legs are not enough to handle the screen and control panel weight, but i already had a solution in mind…second, need to add some height, still dont know how, but im searching for a solution.

Tomorow ill start with the speakers piece and maybe the bezel.

Looking good so far. I reckon you may be ok on the weight side of things.

Yeah, maybe you are right…by the way, this is my new idea to gain structure

I think that this would be a good addon to the main structure, whithout loosing design.

To add some height to the cab, maybe add some down legs under the main box/side legs…just like this:

but wider and from below.