NAOMI Stopped Working

So my NAOMI just stopped working. Not sure what is wrong. Here are the symptoms:

[] Upon power up, NAOMI fans turn on, then shut down after 5 seconds
] Machine is turned off
[] Power is turned on immediately, no fan activity
] NAOMI is allowed to rest for a period of time, then is powered on. Fans turn on again, but shut down after 5 minutes

I have a Capcom I/O board. Also, I pulled the JAMMA connector off the I/O board and plugged another PCB, no luck either. I am seeing the LED on the board light up (MK1), then it shuts down. Is this a power supply issue? Can the power supply be fixed?

Or given that I have the Capcom I/O board, I don’t have a GDROM, can I just use an arcade switching power supply to get life to my NAOMI?

I read though this thread****

I am going to throw JAMMA power at it and see how it goes. I have to rewire my cab though. Seems the power supply on my cab controls power for everything. Don’t know how that is so.

Not a good idea, Naomi have different requirements than standard Jamma.
A Naomi is not compatible with Jamma controls unless you have a Capcom I/O Board to go with it

I have a Capcom IO board in this setup as stated in the OP. So given this, can I should be able to just power the Naomi with standard JAMMA power to trouble shoot to see if it is a dead power supply, correct?

Did you also read the thread I linked you

In the process of reading it; it’s long.

I know its alot, but there alot of good stuff covered there.
Also, looking at other peoples projects will help you with yours.

This sounds like a power supply issue to me.

One of the super capacitors tends to leak on older naomis, and it can cause problems if it damages traces near the eeprom. Might be something to look in to.

If you have a second cabinet put your naomi set up on it and see if everything works fine. The naomi set up is plug and play with the capcom I/O your using. As long as your voltages are fine it should come on unless it’s the naomi itself but if it comes on no problem then it’s the power supply I’ll bet.

yoooooon!!! What’s up dawg!

Good point. Let me take out the multimeter and see if I am getting 5vdc from the JAMMA edge connector. If I am, then it is the NAOMI, which would really suck.

That was the plan. I was going to pull the drawer out with the NAOMI, hook it up to another PSU and monitor on a test setup. But today, I decided to pull out the multimeter to check if I am getting +5vdc from the JAMMA harness. I turned on the machine. I heard the whir of the fans spinning. Except this time, the machine didn’t die right away. It booted through the POST screen, then launched the game. At the time of this writing, it is still on in the background. Go figure.

At least I know the NAOMI is still working. I’ll take the time to read through the rest of that thread and keep what yooooon says about the super cap in mind if this happens again. Thanks all.

NAOMI is extremely picky about power. If it is not getting powered correctly you will run into all kinds of random issues.